What flourish makes you feel like a badass?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Pezza, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. yeah
    leno and mecka rules
    but i prefer eye cut!

  2. Jordan lapings o la laa.
  3. the Molecule 4 NY and W.O.R.M. !
  4. ''Leno'' (the one with the chin extention) and before that ''lethal x'' i'm working on the eye cut when i can do it until the end i fell a little badass ^^
  5. Malice is awsome but mine is istill a little slow
  6. Definitely Kryptonite with the hot shot cut gets amazing reactions and also Jackson 5. Both Dave's flourishes. But Pandora is great too but I can't do it.

  7. The swing cut!! Soo hard but looks so awsome :)
  8. Pandora -> Tornado Cut ->into Akira. Flows like water
  9. Mine Is Leno Cut into Jackson 5 Then Going into Cobrea Cut A Hard One To Do With Speed
  10. eye cut and what the hell happened to sybil (back to old classics)
  11. I feel like a badass when I do a perfect Jackson Five flourish. The reason is because it's made of Madonna, Sybilism, The Five faces of Sybil (my absulute favorite:D), The Skater Cut, and what ever the last part is called.

    Or, if I don't feel like doing the Jackson Five, I'll just do Asybil by Daniel Madison. (still feeling like a badass!:D)
  12. @Axel I find Jackson 5 a little too long - I only do the sybilism section.

    I find big springs, arm spreads, and fans all give pretty good reactions. Angels are great too. They all seem very impossible.

    Cut combos also impress with speed, and a wide assortment of one handed cuts.
  13. The Jackson Five flourish is long, but people will always be amazed. How the cards animate around your fingers in such beauty. Arm spreads, one handed cuts, and card springs are all very nice., but I prefer a fluid flourish.

    P.S. And like I said, I'll also do Asybil. That still amazes people.
  14. "Dropsybil" by daniel madison
  15. For me, nothing is better than a well done pirouette :)
  16. pressure fan, bullet (or some other one card flourishes), and the sybil in the rain from daniel madison.. people allways freaks out in the part with the chin ... its even better wehn i do this part twice ^^
  17. Malice by Daniel Madison. Awesomeness.
  18. Whenever I get sybil downfall right it's incredible. It's a mix of a sybil, madisons downfall and one section of twisted rain thrown in.
  19. That sounds pretty cool. Do you have a video of it?

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