What flourish makes you feel like a badass?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Pezza, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. That is the best, one that spins so long it just stops on your finger tip
  2. I know too many flourishes just to choose one.......but the card spring, anaconda, card brush, and any armspread makes me feel like a BADASS!!!!
  3. I love rain dance and te eyecut plus firefly cuz its still underground
  4. I think its just something about your everyday plain old spring that makes people just stop and look and say, hey can you do that again. It's when children point you out in the street and people beg you to do a card trick for them. Yeah, I like the spring
  5. JoeyFX's Periodic, Dan's Dropzone and Dave's J5. :)
  6. Here's my pandora. It's my "badass" flourish. http://www.youtube.com/user/magicdad10?feature=mhee#p/a/u/2/iP_bwU3X5Tc

    It has the tornado somewhere in it. Although, people LOVE the spring. It seems like they think that the spring is more impressive, although my pandora gets awesome reactions too.
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    mine is probably the andaconda, poco, and my sybil varation, ELEMENT
  8. anaconda jackson five pandora or a hotshot cut on to watch and spin (only happened once miss the catch and it landed on my watch spinning i got 40 pounds that day)

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