What flourish makes you feel like a badass?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Pezza, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Gotta be either the Color Change from Dangerous 1, Andrei Jikh's B4 Cut, or most of all, Devo's Cobra Cut
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    mine is the sybil and the werm and the hot shot cut just got it down maybe they make me feel badass cause there the only one i can do smoothly :)
  3. that would be the even spring i do and twin fans :D
  4. I deffinetally enjoy doing a fast pretty Bone Ho's Hot Stones. I also enjoy doing D+M's Lethal X for people. Their always like " WHOA THATS CRAZY" lol
  5. Every time i do Pandora someone's jaw drops...not kidding at all
  6. Pirouette. When the card is perfectly centered and is spinning like mad. Makes me feel so good. :)
    Also, this is sorta a flourish, the Jones Change. When the cards don't part at all, and it works perfectly.

  7. Upwards Spring.

    (And Pandora. :) )
  8. Twisted Rain by Daniel Madison
  9. Flourishes like sibyl in the rain and lethal.x where I use my chin :D
  10. Kryptonite follow by a hot shot cut, with the card landing between 2 other cards in my awaiting hand =)
  11. Daniel Madison's Lethal & Malice. I love them both.
  12. To tell you the truth every time i perform i good Fan, cut, or flourish i feel pretty good... especially when you look up and see the persons face...
  13. Daniel Madison's Sybil in the Rain and Twisted Rain. Love them to death and people look at me like, "How the hell do you do that? :D

    HA love it!
  14. Mine are Bumblebee and an armspread with cobra catch
  15. Anaconda!!!!!!!!!
  16. i like really fast mayhem or a huge syble in the rain from d+m.....makes me proud:p
  17. Flourish Sequence

    The flourish sequence that makes me feel like a bad ass would be my original
    "7one9" sequence. I love it...muahahah

    -Jon R.
  18. I like the werm
  19. When i do the j5 and pandora. I just cant get enough.
  20. King Cobra and Eye Cut :cool:

    - JCG

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