What to add to my card repertoire?

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  1. Hey,

    so I looked into Card College and some other stuff and I have this card repertoire:


    Charlier Cut (1,5 (Note))
    Revolution Cut (1)
    Scissors Cut (1,5)
    Sybil Cut (2)
    Classy False Cut (1-2)
    WERM (3-4)
    Swing Cut (1)

    Multiple Card Control (1,5)
    Double Undercut (1,5)
    Classic Pass under Misdirection (1)
    ACR Control (dont know the name) (1)

    Riffle Force (1,5)
    The Force by Mathiue Bich (1)

    Basic Moves

    Top Change (4)
    DL (2)
    Venus Trap by Chris Brown (2)
    4v4 Change (2)

    Color Changes:
    Be Kind Change (Tony Chang) (2)
    Shape Shifter (3,5)
    Cardinin Change (2-3)
    Flip Change (2)
    Erdnase (1,5)

    So what would you add
  2. Dude, we generally frown on this sort of thing.
  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the "ACR Control" is probably the Tilt.

    You don't specifically mention any palms.
  4. So i can Top Palm.
    The Tilt?
    Its the control you use for the effects Card to Mouth.
    I checked out your forces video but as a matter of fact I only use these 2 forces cuz I tried most of the forces in the video already but they didn't work out for me. But I think I will learn the Classic Force.
  5. David Rangel teaches his slightly modified version of The Glide which basically turns it into a rather nifty force.

    You can never have enough forces.


  6. I would just cut everything down. You don't need ten controls, 50 tricks, 20 decks, etc....

    Get yourself 3 controls, 1 to the top, 1 to the bottom, and if you can find one you like, one that does both.

    Get a a few moves, create 2 or 3 basic routines. Practice practice practice.

    Modify the routines you created over time.

    Learn one cool flourish. (however you shouldn't be doing a massive flourish the entire time. I believer it takes away part of the magic aspect)
  7. Why don't you add the...CLASSIC FORCE.
  8. how about something without cards...
  9. Considering this forum is about card magic where you talk about cards, that wouldn't make much sense now would it?
  10. Much like Christopher said, palms are incredibly versatile, I'd recommend the Gambler's Cop as a great one to learn, but that's just me.
  11. I would say yougo through the Royal road to card magic. With mastering everything with that book, you will be more than a good card magician.
  12. @erdnase
    I heard that advice often :)
    But I am not the kind of guy who can spend 2 years of learning only one book. I want to develop in multiple directions at the same time which isn't probably the best thing to do. Currently I am happy with my card repertoire. I think these are some solid basics. Now I want to add some D&D Flourishes and Productions using the TG Murphy Deck Flip and the Top Change. Next thing Ima try to learn is a Rope Routine anda Banknight Routine.
    Edit: But thanks nonethelessfor that advice and I can do the Gamblers Cop but I never use it.

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