What trick do you use the most?

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  1. Hey Fellow magicians,
    Have you ever been looking foward to get a trick. Liked really going around the house and thinking of the cool possibilities with that trick. And all the cool types of ways you could perform it for friends, family and strangers.
    And finally your trick arrives after some hard days of waiting. You open the dvd case and check the cool looking gimmick (if there is one) maybe read the ad copy again just to know what treat your are in for. You pop the DVD into your DVD player.
    And you discover that it's completely impractical maybe not overall, but for you it were a huge let down.

    But that's not how it is with all tricks some tricks are superb and very practical. Some tricks just are what you think they are.

    So my question is:
    What trick that you bought did you or do you perform the most and why did/do you do that?

    Looking forward to your answers.

    Kind regards:
    Lukas :)
  2. twilight angels nuff said
  3. Everything I perform regularly is stuff I came up with on my own or tweaked severely to suit my style. I rarely do a trick exactly as I learned it, and usually when I want to get a new trick under my belt I learn several different ways and create a combination method of all of those things.

    I think the trick I've done the most is a coin bend.
  4. Looking back over the last twenty years I think it would be a tie between Crazy Man's Handcuffs and the good old fashion silk vanish. Cups and Balls is in every formal Close up and Cabaret show I do so it is up there as well.
  5. My most preformed trick must be where a card is signed at the begining and at the end it's coming out of my mouth folded up. I have preformed this over 500times it's a guarenteed reputation maker.
    a.k.a Card In mouth

    Thanks - Markus/JokerZingo
  6. Close Up or Strolling:
    A blister effect, with a deck of cards and a borrowed lighter.
    I started performing it with Branded by Tim Trono, but then eventually moved on to a homemade gimmick.

    The reason is it feels very magical, realistic and spooky (the magic gesture here isn't simply a snap of the fingers, you put your fingers into the flames, which always gets a reaction), and yet is quick and simple to understand.

    A coin bend. No signature.

    The reasons are: uses borrowed objects and feels a lot like "the magicians I've seen on tv", relies on the reaction of one spectator to build the reaction of other ones, leaves the spectator with a souvenir.

    Razorblade swallowing act.
  7. Biddle Trick. It honestly kills every time I do it.
  8. It is a simple trick but it does have a great impact. I have used it on occasion recently and it leaves them dumbfounded.
  9. It's my go to trick. I've had my family asked me to do a trick for them, and I'll bust out Biddle. Most of the time, they respond with "But how the heck did my card get there? I just saw it in your hands!" I've my students (I teach high school math) come back a year later and ask me how I did it.
  10. It's short, sweet, and to the point. The other trick I go to is DVR. It's so smooth once you get it down. Sometimes the greatest magic is the simplest
  11. In my opinion, having a simple trick allows you to focus on the audience and the presentation/patter. Hence why I love Biddle. I'll have to relook at DVR. Been awhile since I saw it.
  12. It can be a bit knacky but once you get it to flow it really does take them by surprise.

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