What was the first trick you ever learned?

Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
A magician came to our church and appeared at a couple city functions when I was about 5 or 6. He performed the sucker torn and restored paper, I have a vivid memory of myself doing the "revealed" portion (switching a torn tissue with a normal one) I did it for my friend while he watched the Little Mermaid and fooled him, probably because his attention was divided.

Around that same time, I have a memory of sitting on the stairs with a coin and a handkerchief doing a kind of not so deceptive coin vanish.

I'm not sure if this came before or after those but I created a trick that I used for quite some time after. It must have been in first grade. I took a penny and said, "I'm going to make this vanish." I then put my hands behind my back and pretended to place the coin in my pocket, in reality I stuck the coin between my fingers in aback clip. I then said, "Look it's gone!" They all laughed thinking the trick was stupid so I'd say, "But wait, watch I'll bring it back." At that point I'd wave one hand over the other droping the clipped coin into the other hand. The thing I remember most about this was that a friend turned to me and said, "We should call you magic man!" I liked that :)

Around the same time I learned the Balducci Levitation on Lamb Chop's play along but it never fooled anyone like my coin trick did.
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Jul 4, 2015
Cordova, TN
I learned a few tricks from my local magic club in my early 30's, but I never performed them though. In December 2015, I was 35 years old when performed a card trick for the club for my initiation into our local ring. It was a card trick we call "Moniker", it was a spelling trick. Instead of choosing one person I had one person from each table...a total of 3 people that I was able to help them find their card. The same month I performed a version of the tossed out deck with my boyfriend at 3 different events.
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