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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CorbinB, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. I was just wondering, what would you have gotten with the 4.95 thing? Or, if you purchased something before it was disabled, what DID you get?
  2. The Pop Move taught by Chris Kenner. Getting really interested in Gambling related sleights/ productions. You?

  3. If I have $4.95 coupons, I would get:
    -The Popout Move by Chris Kenner
    -Triple Shuffle by Joel Paschall

    I know there's not a lot, but these two look interesting if I have the opportunity.
  4. I was going to get Cardistry 101 by Andrei Jihk. I'm new to the whole flourishing thing.
  5. Cookie cutter by Dan Sperry (I know how its done I just want to get his tips.)
  6. I'm lucky I skipped school today (senior chapel, no need for me there). I got the email on the minute and decided to get a discount on Jason England's new 1-on-1 for the Pinky Count.
  7. i was thinking about getting

    death to the double undercut. i hate the double undercut. lol

    although joes triple shuffle looks cool, but i can already most of it. so its not really worth it.
  8. Untitled
    it looks like it has other applications but i could be wrong.
    it also looks like a good stand alone effect
  9. I was able to get something, and I picked up the Harbor Change.
  10. I just now saw in my email that i received that discount and didn't know it. Im sad now :(
  11. Subway by Dan and Dave. I was all pumped up and ended up buying it anyway.
  12. Ah I love Subway. Nice choice.

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