What's in your wallet?

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  1. Hey everyone! I was wondering what magic stuff is in your wallet? I am looking for good tricks to do using my normal, everyday wallet (not a CTW). Let me know what you guys use/recommend!
  2. Kolossal killer
    some rubber bands
    extreme burn (sometimes)
    business cards
  3. My jardonnet wallet ( fire wallet and card to wallet) has 5 dollar transpo 2 dollar window greed credit cards for visa
  4. For the most part money.
  5. This is what I always carry in my wallet.

    Flash paper
    A paper with a prediction using a spirit pen
    A small string and envelope (W:H ring + string mystery)
  6. i keep two packet tricks in my wallet - royal scam and bullet party, both by John Bannon
  7. I always have

    Debit (my own trick where a debit and drivers license switch places)
    5 and 1 Transpo
    Fraud (sometimes)
    Clean Thru
    Bill with a prediction on it
  8. Simple: Loops, rubber bands and Fraud. I like to be as 'organic' as possible.
  9. My Capital One credit card.

    No, actually, I just have a few bills and coins in my wallet. I keep all of my other stuff in my pockets.
  10. I do have some tricks...but I have this little trick where you ask spectators to think in a number between 1-63 and you guess the number by asking them to look at some cards with random numbers...I mentio this because it´s an awesome trick...I use it as mentalism...

    My patter is that I tell them than when somebody thinks of anything at first it´s a little blur in their minds...and if they think again it´s like paint...the more brushes you pass over...the more clear is the picture...so I tell them to think of a number and then I take out the cards and tell them to see them and try to find the number in them....this will help me to see the thought number very clear since they are focusing and the thought becomes stronger when they are looking for their number....and then I reveal the number...It has gotten me some very awesome reactions!!!
  11. inside my infinity walletonly one trick, 37 by marc oberon..other just when people ask me to do tricks..
    such as peek, prediction, and soo on...:)
  12. Extreme Burn 2.0 and Digital Dissolve.
  13. Mine consists of (in my fire wallet) a coin (for the muscle pass and other simple vanishes) credit cards (for visa by Garcia) and 2 playing cards 1 is always king of spades (because it is my favorite) and another is any random card so I can ask people to name any card and if it hits, I show them the card dramatically =)
  14. KK, Money, ATM cards and other non magic related items.
  15. Haha. That was my first thought too. Money, credit card and ID :p
  16. Just got an Infinity wallet. Bloody expensive but very cool! Other than it's marketed features I have some loops and a Greed gimmick. I hardly perform with either but they don't take up much space so WTH.
  17. Coins and a coin shell.

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