What's the Greatest Gimmicked Trick Ever?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JamesAV305, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. I really like the ID and Distortion above all.

    WOW... I like it. It's quite visual and everything, but something about the sleeve just bothers me when comparing it to Distortion.
  2. I'm pretty fond of Entourage by Gordon Bean. It's a simple gaff set but gets strong reactions.
  3. The ID. I know of nothing that is as strong and versatile as the ID. I've performed it countless times, ranging from on stage for over 100 people, to close up in a small group setting. Regardless of the scenario, there is a version of the ID that is PERFECT for that particular situation.

    JMO..... :D
  4. The problem with the Invisible Deck is that it is incredibly popular, so there is a chance your spectator will know what is going on.

    Maybe d+M's Irreversible?
  5. Doubtful. I've never ran across a spec that has seen it before while I was performing it. The reason for that being there are so many different presentations for it, and most people have never seen a live magician before anyways, so the odds are definitely in your favor for them not seeing it beforehand. :)

  6. Box monster

    Smoke by darren brown

    Haunted Pack with loops

    ultra gaff
  7. invisible deck for sure... but there are other gimmicks that are fun like sticky situation the gum restore is a good one. And stealth pen gets good reactions
  8. I have two.

    1: Svengali deck.

    2: Mirage deck- same thing as a svengali but you can fan it out to show all of the cards are different. however, this one is more expensive.

    Dylan P.
  9. Huron low's TNR project. Check it out.
  10. An E Gaff deck can give you great tricks and reactions if you know how to use the cards. I've made people freak out by gaff cards and there are so many things you can do with a deck. And really, what other gimmick splits a seven, has batteries fall out of a card, and has a card name appear on it's box?
  11. I have to agree with you Camel. There's nothing better than creating illusions with what's printed on a card.
  12. I hate distortion and Panic is very cool. Best gimmick is to wow, get the ungimmicked sleeve though and if you are good with sleights then this trick will blow everybody away.

    Good Luck with your choice and btw invisible deck is very cool but I prefer that for my mentalism routine and for your stuff I would just go with Wow.
  13. well for starters nothing of criss angel's coz that's all sleights.
    it's very hard to choose, they're all so good. i'm a fan of distortion though.
  14. The invisible deck... Or the thumb tip.

  15. The Invisible Deck is unbeatable

  16. My favourite gimmicked effect? Probably Lady Bug..
  17. The Surrounded version of Shudder is great, I use it loads.

    Also Bang-On is a great effect, always in my suit jacket.

  18. Bang-On is Marc Oberon's thingo yeah? Expensive from memory D:
  19. I would have to say.

    Thread-work or the Invisible deck. I say thread-work is powerful because it is only limited to your imagination.
    Strongest card work is invisible deck hands down, but it really depends on your performance style.
  20. It's not a card trick, and I know it's a bit out from left field, but... Fraud. Danny Garcia's Fraud. Method, concept, execution, all of them are amazing and to this day I think it's the best money trick you can get - and beyond that, one of the better tricks made, period. It has to be on some sort of top ten list.

    You know what'd be a cool card trick? Mismade card. Like the mismade bill, you know? A TnR, and when put together it's the signed card, but all mismade. Someone's totally had to have thought of this already.

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