When is Genesis Volume 2 coming?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by JetEyeNight, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. I've searched the forums, no one seems to know when Genesis Volume 2 is coming out. Has the project been scrapped?? I haven't heard or seen anything from Andrei at all lately.
  2. I think (I hope) it is because he is working on it :D
  3. it's probably coming with TOOC.
  4. I hope it gets released sometime soon. I'm sure T11 will post a release date a few months ahead of Vol. 2's release.
  5. Genesis vl.2

    I wonder if it will have the new Genesis DVD vl.2? I'm crazy to see the new movement cardistry Andrei Jikh
  6. What is TOOC??? As far as the release, I am sure it should come out shortly... We should make a pool of everyone's guess =P
  7. TOOC - Totally out of control

    Chris Kenners famous book totally out of control is being made into a DVD by T11, Its apparently there biggest project yet.
  8. t11 is also working on a mentalism DVD with luke jermay
  9. Wow, TOOC and Luke Jermay's mentalism DVD sound attractive. :D
  10. It seems you haven't. In this thread I and JB described the situation, enjoy the reading.
  11. Actually, yes AlexanderB, I have searched the forums. I did see that thread. JB doesn't even know when it's coming out. "On the horizon", "no current estimate", "as soon as we have a reasonably accurate forcast" doesn't really tell us much other than it's not a priority right now. I was hoping to hear something from Andrei. From the sounds of it, while it may be on the horizon, it's not currently being worked on.

    JB, can you at least tell us if it will be out this year? Or has it been thrown on the backburner?
  12. i asked andrei... he said that: I'm not quite sure when Genesis 2 will be released, I still think its a while from now but its definitely in the works. (Filmed but not yet edited) I'd say don't start saving until a while from now.

    (by the way is asked if i should start save money now or if i can spend my money for cards)
  13. now that cud be nice....
    any ideas when the Luke Jermay vid will be out?

  14. Holy freakin crap I totally forgot about that! How the hell did I forget that...
  15. Well, if TOOC and Genesis (v2) come out at the same time... I'm going broke. If TOOC is their biggest project yet, I would go as far as to saying it'd cost the most too..
  16. Wow TOOC and genesis vol. 2 aren't out yet? Oh and for those wondering this is my first time on the site for almost a year so I'm a bit surprised at everything.
  17. Wonder how much TOOC is going to cost, anyone have a good guess? I'm assuming since the book is $44.95 (at D&D's site) it's going to be $75.
  18. I really can't stand it when something is announced 2 years before it gets released.
  19. I was reading a thread the other day about a DVD that is currently 6 years behind schedule, and counting.
  20. What DVD would this happen to be?

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