When you do street magic?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Donald C., Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I do street magic probably every day i can and i do tricks like:
    card to wallet
    wave the aces
    Erdnase color change
    2 card monte
    What are some of the card tricks you may do when you do street magic!
  2. whenever someone comes to me and wants to see something i show them ambitious
    cause i dont really want to have to sit there and show them 20 diff tricks that all basically do the same thing
    sometimes i do witness if i am prepared
  3. Sinful is the perfect street effect if you ask me. Another favorite of mine is when I simply do a classic force, have the spectator slip away their selected card into their pocket whilst I turn around, look into their eyes for a few moments while I tell them to visualize their selected card, and then reveal it. I discovered one time that this gets surprisingly REALLY good reactions.

    I've also always liked to perform This 'n' That. If you look past its extreme youtube nature then you'll find a truly excellent effect with a killer ending. It's always a crowd favorite.

    You could also check out other color changes such as shapeshifter. Ego by Daniel Garcia is great. It contains both the Ego Change(very visual) and the Ego Force(very hard) routined together to form an awesome street effect.
  4. it depends i believe... if i am prepared to do street magic i would perform Indecent, Witness, CUt by d+M or RIP... ... if not maybe the ambitious card... clasic sandwich... or a phycological force....

    TIVO is also nice if you have control of the anlges...

    if i have to be improptu.... maybe sinful... control, version 2 and 3 of stigmata.... or a little coin routine i made up...
  5. every time I'm out.

    tricks I do:

    Hot shot with molecule2

    Muscle pass



  6. I perform my magic every friday like bunch of card tricks, b-2 bomber, sts, ring magic, sinful, and my favorite of all time is the appearing wand.
  7. when I go out... normally I would flourish while leaning on a wall... or ask people... I would normally do this routine:

    (a break)
    Tivo 2.0
    another break( break I mean, talking, distracting)
    then Control...

    Usually I skip Tivo and go to control... I get REALLY big reactions. And besides, I get a free drink! :D:p

    Well that's usually my routine... If I'm feeling lucky, I'd be doing Panic, Prophet and Distortion.
  8. I mostly do the classics like:

    Biddle trick

    I also like Extreme Burn, Panic and Witness, some of my favourite! :)

    BTW, any ideas of what to use if I don' t wanna use "This That Other" in This n That? Maybe 1 2 and 3? :p
  9. Absolutely true. I also perform a classic force with some other patter, allowing the spectator to send the card to me mentally. If the mood is right, I allow a spectator to choose a card without looking, and then psychologically forcing the card. ABSOLUTELY blows them away, which is why i save it for my finale.

    I also perform
    Simple Sandwhich
    Ego change routine

    and many other nic-naks I feel is appropriate when the time comes.
  10. Everyday I bring my deck of cards and my thumb tip.

    So, everytime I saw pretty girls I do magic with them for free. Let my magic to them.. hehehehe..

    Basically, I do the ACR. Biddle trick, Triumph routine and some TT routine. :)
  11. mine was Ego change... but i made my own routines... and i called the routines "freedom of choice"... XD
  12. Personally I like ACR
    De Ja Vu
    2 card monte
    3 crd monte
    card to wallet
    traveler (if I have a table)
    there are others but I can't think of them right now so I'll write them later.
  13. Well I havn't been doing this long but...

    2 card monte
    An erdnase colour change or maybe shapeshifter (with several false shuffles)

    Occasionally a few others I don't know the name of :eek:
  14. I try to perform as often as I can. A couple of my favorites are:

    Dr. Daley's Last Trick
    Biddle Trick
    Two Card Monte
    Color Monte
    Hand to Mouth

    And whatever may come to mind.
  15. Sorry to dig up an old thread...

    Changing a bit now...

    Still 2 card monte
    A sandwhich effect - one of my own
    Just shuffle their card in and then a color change to it
    Forces - really like these right now, very easy and theres so much you can do
    Very occasionaly Dr. Daley's Last Trick

    Again a few others if I feel confident and basically if I want to mess around :p

    When I get confident enough... I'll start showing witness
  16. 5 speed by ck is officially my favorite trick now.

    I normally do things like biddle, 2cm, basic card controlling and revealing etc

    lately ive been using my gaffs a lot more
    people love them :)
  17. Some stuff I love to do on the spot with cards would have to be
    Card in Hand
    Biddle trick
    Doc Daley's Last trick
    Wave the Aces

    When I'm a little more prepared I like to do Phoenix Effect and others...I just cant remember lol...
    I need to brush up on my ACR routine...It's been awhile since I've done it and I always got great reactions with it, time to dust it off and put it into play more often
  18. I can only perform when i have a day off from work, which is on fridays, so me and my friend would go out and perform then, sometimes we do, sometimes we dont because people reject us a lot. I perform everywhere i can get my hands to work, like fighting the cold before it freezes my hands (UK is cold), Shopping Centres, outside Train Stations, Book Stores, outside Superstores, Streets, at the Newspaper shop where i hang out, area near my old School. I perform loads of stuff, it really depends on the mood im in; example after i finished a sandwich i will go perform a sandwich effect, when time goes slow i perform the Time Machine or Back in Time.

    The tricks i do mostly are:

    Sandwich with Cameo 2(dM)
    Four (Aaron Fisher - as opener)
    ACR (not a lot)
    Overkill (dM)
    One Eighty (dM)
    Thought of (wrong) card, found in pocket
    That PenguinMagic four ace trick (forgot name)

    Been doin simple tricks lately though, powerful reactions than other ones i get. Like a card changing in their hands, or something, anything which involves them more than me.
  19. i usually do a lotta card reveals or a trick a card reveal with a color change this is usually my forte with street magic
  20. when i get the trilogy next month i'll probably do alotta tricks from there as well (i also do ACR)

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