Where are those uncut V5 sheets?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Legendary, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Where are the smoke and mirror V5 sheets. J. Bayme posted that they would be up for sale two days ago and they are still not here. Anyone know when they will be released or if they will still be released on Theory 11?
  2. DnD said T11 should have a bunch for sale after they sold out trickyman.
  3. Tomorrow night (Friday) at 11:00pm EST, we will unleash the remaining quantity. We don't have many (about 100), so I expect these to go QUICK.
  4. YAY!!!! I will be there.
  5. How much are they going for?
  6. They were $30 at D&D. I would expect the same here. Will they be signed too?
  7. Nope. .
  8. too bad those selling here will not be signed.. D&D said on twitter ..
  9. One hour remaining until 11:00pm EST! These are on schedule for release this evening.
  10. Yay Thanks for the heads up on the realese. Got my hands on one a soon as they were available. I was spamming refresh like crazy! lol
  11. Only a few more remaining as of 11:24pm EST!
  12. oh damn being broke.
  13. Well on the page it says they will be out of stock till the next production cycle. So they should be sold again sometime, you can pick one up then.
  14. The next cycle will be for the V6 as they will never re-print V5's and these are directly off the press.
  15. Correct. VERY FEW of these are left guys. Once they are gone, they will never be available again. Get your hands on a piece of art and a rare item while you can. If you guys want a decoration for your office or room, this is the perfect addition, as it gets attention from friends and family members. Hurry up! :)
  16. m... Pay rent... Buy cards.... Pay rent .... Buy cards.... Damn my responsibilities
  17. As of 11:47pm EST, these are officially sold out!
  18. well, looks like I missed my chance
  19. Not at all! I bought 2!

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