Where are those uncut V5 sheets?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Legendary, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Good thing I paid my bills earlier today!
  2. Thanks theory 11!
    Yet again a stupid release time has given people from the UK and other European countries almost no chance of getting these.
    It's not like theres going to be another window at a more suitable time for european buyers because there all gone.
    Yes I do sound bitter, because I am. 11pm is 4am here in the UK. With them selling out so fast I didn't have a chance.
    Does theory11 not care about it's international customers? There's plenty of timed that they could of done the release to suit everyone from everywhere.
    It annoys me that t11 does this with almost all of it's releases. Most of the time though items don't sell out in 45 minutes though.
    Now though it's too late and the only way to get a v5 sheet is in the second line Market and it would probably cost me well over $100!!!
    Thanks for nothing theory 11.
  3. Oh stop complaining... Was it really neccesary to post this twice, once in this thread, and once in your own?
  4. Buy the cards, lose the apartment, build a house out of cards. Problem solved, you may thank me in a handwritten letter or one of those "in praise of" videos where you sing and beatbox the complete soundtrack to Titanic.

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