Where are you from?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by A\\//F, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. There are so many people on these forums, so I just had to ask. Is anybody here from New Jersey or New York. I have not read of a magician from New Jersey, here or on E.

    Just wondering. :)
  2. I'm in California. I live in the same town as Joel Paschall. Or at least the town where he performs.
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    I'm from the not too distant future. Somewhere in time and space.

    EDIT: If anyone gets this reference, you are awesome.
  4. I'm in Cali as well. NorCal to be specific. :)
  5. Manchester, England.
  6. Im in new york city in manhattan.
  7. San Diego, California
  8. I thought you were lost! California rules!
  9. YEAH, I"M FROM NEW JERSEY!!!! Atlantic City is the perfect situation, as I have noticed for street magic in the summer. I do not do street magic though, it takes a long time to get to Atlantic City from my house.
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    If I get the reference, does that mean I can join team awesome?

    Just kidding, I know team awesome is a very high honor.

    Sci-Fi channel should never have stopped airing that show though. It was awesome.

  11. m s t 3 k!!!!!!
  12. I live in Central California.

    Fresno, to be specific.

    Darn, now I need to change my name to avoid all of the stalkers.
  13. back to the future maybe?
  14. Nope. This came after Back to the Future.
  15. I smell a MST3K Reference or maybe I smell potatoes.
  16. You smell both.
  17. IM FROM JERSEY we should jam sometime!
  18. If you're stuck, check out my avatar. Yes it is a MST3K reference.
  19. I'd like my awesomeness to be declared now.
  20. Yes, I would as well.

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