Where to learn The Side Steal from

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  1. Whats a good source to learn the side steal from.
  2. I personally learned it from Arthur Buckley's Card Control and would recommend it.
  3. Side Steal

    There's also a 1 on 1 at D&D's site by John Carney...not saying just saying...
  4. I would recommend Paul Cummins Side Steal DVD. That's where I learned it from, and I was recommended by Irving Quant, who does a killer side steal. But the write up in Card Control or ECT is also good.
  5. I learned from Ed Marlo's RCT
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  6. go on
    marlo did a booklet , everything is on it
  7. i disagree with you. i find irving's side steal real bad. i found better performances on youtube and thats not saying much.
  8. Paul Cummins/John Carney!
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    I have this On Demand and I have to say that it's not the best resource for learning the side steal in any great detail. He goes over the mechanics of the move itself in the context of demonstrating a good justification for bringing your hands together. While the explanation of the mechanics of the move are clear it's just very brief. Maybe I'm spoiled by some of D&D's On Demand stuff that goes into fine detail on certain moves. Dan's coverage of the Miller Cascade Control is one that comes to mind.

    There's always Expert Card Technique, (called the Side Slip: starting on pg. 31), and I think I'm going to try Paul Cummins Side Steal DVD myself. That looks pretty good.
  10. Revolutionary Card Technique. I highly recommend the Deliberate Steal.
  11. First of all, if Zach mentions something (like he did above) you might want to check it out.


    If you are looking for a little bit cheaper book, The Card Magic of Lepaul has 2 different versions of the side steal in the 2nd chapter of the book. The 3rd chapter is on palming and explains a few steals as well.


    If you want to go SUPER cheap then you can always do what others have mentioned above and get Expert Card Technique. Here is a link for ECT for $4.00. >Expert Card Technique<
  12. Where did you see Irving do a bad side steal. I'm curious.
  13. i agree the deliberate side steal is a THE secret weapon, john carney talks about it in his dvd
  14. Thanks for all the answers :) . I think I am gonna go with RCT and the 1on1 from DnD.
  15. The Card Magic of Le Paul. Beautiful book.
  16. From the top of my head:

    Apocalypse Vol. 1-5
    Card Control Arthur Buckley
    Expert Card Technique
    Card Control T.Nelson Downs
    Card College Vol.3
    Cards 4 Side Steal Karl Fulves (highly recomended)
    The Card Magic of Le Paul
    The Magic of Michael Ammar
    Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table
    Revolutionary Card Technique

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