Which Apocalypse?

Mar 4, 2008
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I'm probably going to go to a boarding school next year where I won't have access to a computer/Internet. So, I'm gonna bring along BOBO, Expert Card Technique, and Erdnase which should take me a while to finish from cover to cover. But I figured another REALLY big book should keep me busy, ie: Apocalypse. So my question is as follows.

Which Apocalypse focuses most on cards and coins?

I will have with me numerous decks of cards, coins (mostly halves, a shell, and some English pennies), and bills. But I hear that a lot of stuff from the series includes objects which I might not have have access to (matches, etc.).

I am an intermediate/advanced card handler, and an intermediate coin handler.

P.S - If you have another suggestion for a REALLY big book which would keep me occupied, go ahead and say it.

Uriel Nashofer
Jan 27, 2008
card college should do it... and also a lot of notes from the bucks and daniel madison.... there is a lot of material....
Apr 27, 2008
Never forget By Forces Unseen (Earnest Earick). A relatively small book, but to get the material well and good down, that's going to take a while!

Sep 1, 2007
It would have helped to have asked in a forum where more than one percent of the people know Harry Lorrayne's work.

That said, I do not have Apocalypse. However if you want a lot of good card and coin magic, I would recommend The Jinx or The Compleat Magick. Other alternatives I would suggest would be The Tarbell Course in Magic, Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, or (if you want something off the beaten path for mental magic and mentalism) How To Develop a Super Powered Memory.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Like Steerpike, I don't have Apocalypse, but I do own his Close-up Card Magic, which is out of print, but available fairly often on ebay - a brilliant book, and gigantic as well. Or you could try something like Jack Parker's 52 Memories, one of my favourite books also.
Sep 3, 2007
It would have helped to have asked in a forum where more than one percent of the people know Harry Lorrayne's work.

Nice. I'm a minority!! lol

I'd say just bring Expert at the Card Table, Modern Coin Magic, and Strong Magic. and a notebook. Read them cover to cover indepth and take notes on them and create your own stuff from those. You don't want too much stuff to distract you from your schoolwork and from performing as much as you can.

But if you really want something I'd prolly say the Tarbell Course.
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