White Centurions?

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  1. I own 2 decks of white centurions.. I have 1 opened and 1 sealed.. I really like theese cards.. Just the overall design and the detail, but I would never apy ridicuous amounts of $$ for that deck..

    I seen some1 trying to get like $50usd a deck and I thought that is nuts considering they were $4.95... It's not like they are uncancelled casino cards that are vintage like JN or even GN's..

    Don't get me wrong they are DEF. nice cards.. you would think tho that T11 would produce more of them like they do for the black centurions.. Make like a 2nd edition for them.. You would think they would because the design is AWESOME and ppl would def buy them.. But I doubt they are going to anytime soon...

    Anyways if anyone is sitting on a gross of white centurions or a few bricks and would want tog et rid of quantity at a good price let me know.. I buy in bulk.. I ahve been collection for over a year and the wife is making me get rid of some cards.. I just don't have room for anymore.. I jsut won't tell her about the purchase.. LOL..

    Seriosuly, I have alot of good stuff.. If anyone is interested in TRADING or wants to BUY anything, I am verified on PAYPAL.. I have sold and TRADED a bunch of times on Decknique.. I am DEF. legit to deal with.. So jsut let me know if you got any white centurions to get rid of and what you want for them??
  2. I had a deck of these going spare so I burnt them just to deprive the world of their goodness. (True story involving the misguided use of flash paper)

    I saw them on site going for $150 for a new deck. That's ridiculous. Lol.
  3. yah i've been offered so much from like 40 dollars to almost 200. When they used to be cheap and I've gotten the chance to play around with them and trust me they aint so special. I mean they're ok quality but your better off getting like hmm white bikes for more expensive because those actually are limited edition and are much harder to find and was made a while back or atleast compared to the white centurions. So i gotta agree with you man they're just not that great in my opinion. Although I'm probably just gonna pick up some black karnivals or pre order soon. Now those are hott cards.
  4. They sold out too quickly when they came back out a few months ago. I had them in my cart but it wouldnt let me check out because they were already gone. Oh well....If I did have them, I would just use them and then sell them. With the price they are going out opend, I could probably get my money back by selling them used :)
  5. Correction - the White Centurions are actually at least 10-20x more rare than the Limited White Bicycle decks. Only 1,100 of the White Centurions came off the press in the original printing this past year. In terms of quality, the White Cents are very well balanced in all aspects and, likewise, feel pretty much like heaven and rainbows. Others agree.

    In regards to the White Bicycle Decks being harder to find than the White Centurions, I think the following speaks for itself:

    eBay search for Limited White Bicycles: http://tinyurl.com/bb3swt
    eBay search for White Centurions: http://tinyurl.com/ccnflv
  6. I pretty much disagree on everything.

    I'm sick of "goth cards" as a kid at my IBM calls them. If the white bikes are actually "limited edition", then how the hell could I find 6 of them at my local Target for 1.99?
  7. No one's arguing they aren't good cards. I haven't had a bad deck from Theory 11 ever and I applaud the site constantly for its production, the argument is whether they are good enough to cost 200 bucks, no matter how rare they are.
  8. I think White Guardians should be released.
  9. [​IMG]

    ... See ...
    awesome huh?
  10. It seems like you bring this up on a daily basis here (complete with that same image posted multiple times across the forums). Although cool, we have no current plans to produce or release White Guardians.
  11. Yeah, I'm going to create a petition, they look too good to turn down :eek:
  12. ... but anyone, back onto topic.

    White Cents are rare due to there only being 1100. With the white bikes, there seem to be alot more floating about, as soon as they're all gone I assume they will increase in both value and rareity.
  13. Pink Guardians then?
  14. yahh im not trying to sayyy that it is a bad deck. In my opinion I just think that they shouldn't be that super crazed! I mean it feels ok, but its not the biggest diff from the regular centurions! I don't want to argue with anyone. I respect peoples opinions, and this is just mine. But like OneCardWonder said I never meant to say that these are like horriblee cards. It's just a little bit of a mystery to me like why they are talked about being the next Jerry Nuggets! I don't think they feel anything like Jerrys. It's like a different league. But I don't think white centurions are bad cards and that is my final statement.


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