Who Created Thread To Stomach?

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  1. Hello people! I just want to ask who created thread to stomach the one performed by David Blaine and Criss Angel? Thanks!
  2. you don't want to perform this. It's not a trick. However it can be found in swami mantra.
  3. I believe it may have roots all the way to 'The Discoverie of Witchcraft'.

  4. the work your referencing, unless there is another I don't know of is the maliphicate maliphicarum. (spelling?) The essential witch hunting bible written in the 15th century. I believe barns and nobel still carry modern translated reprints, though the yogi floss or belly ribbon, I doubt, is referenced in it.
  5. I know of that. But that's not it. Discoverie Of Witchcraft bu Reginald Scott, 1584 is widely considered as the first book of magic. Ever.

    *Malleus Maleficarum

  6. Actually it is in the book fellas. I just looked it up in my copy. pg. 178 to be exact

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  7. Ok...so....I was lying. I have no clue if it is in the book. Nor do I own one but I have seen the book before but we were not allowed to touch it...ha ha.
  8. *Makes grabby paws toward that book* I want eeeeet!!


    Oh you tease!
  9. oh your so cruel sir... I was going to ask where you got that book too....
  10. Did you see David Blaine's Discover Magic on TV a little while back? He "performed" thread threw the hand. That is one you should be interested in haha.
  11. Thread through hand that Blaine did on his special is taught by Dan Hauss on his Through and Through DVD
  12. According to Sam Dalal the effect has been around for a long time and cannot be traced back to any single creator inventing the effect or the method.

    The effect is titled "The Brahmo Thread Mystery" and is printed in the book Swami Mantra (page 99).

    Hope that helps.
  13. If you go with the above methodology found in Swamii please let me just say this. DON'T DO IT! Especially if you don't have someone who actually knows how to perform this safely. I'll spoil it for you, it involves [EDITED FOR EXPOSURE]
  14. Uhm... use a little creativity here guys.

    This effect is possible without any body modification at all. I've done it a few times and the set up takes about 20 minutes total including time for the "stuff" to set. It was taught to me by a friend and is actually pretty ingenious. I don't know if this is really how Blaine does/did it but it looks the same and if you choose to you can present the same also.

    All I am saying is think about it for a moment and ask yourself, "If I wanted to create this effect how would I do it?"

    Even if you don't come up with the method used by Blaine you might still come up with something that works and doesn't involve any sharp objects.

    Best of luck.
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    Congratulations Jason, would you like a virtual pat on the back? /snark

    I posted what I posted as warning specific to the Swami or indian/hindu mistic method of performing the threat through stomach. A trick that real sideshow performers actually perform. One person who comes to mind who performance a variation of this is a gal named Sia Synn. Sure us magicians can think of ways to pull thread from your stomach ala Saw Field's version, but it will never be as powerful as what actual sideshow people do.

    Anyway just wanted to point out why I posted what I posted, because the real way and original way, which the op was looking for, requires dangerous things to be done.


    I kindly add Mr. Draven to the list of sideshow performers to the list of people who do this stunt.
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    keo you ass! I perform this effect, Thanks for the exposure.
  17. Heh, I am an ass aren't I? Though I think if you actually revealed to your audience what was actually going on, they'd feel even more discomforted by the fact that method...well you know.
  18. I wasn't trying to be cute when I called you an ass. I don't want you telling people out right how it's done for two reasons; the lesser being I don't like my pet effect exposed on a magic forum,the greater I don't want some idiot going out there and trying it them self, and getting hurt!

    I've reported this for exposure. I pray for swift reaction.
  19. Ahh, well pardon me for taking it the wrong way. Nothing really was exposed seeing as I was very very vague in my description of the effect. Three quarters of what I posted were items that me the spectator would see in the traditional effect, no methods where exposed. If an idiot really goes out and try to figure out how this stunt works, it isn't your fault or the forums either. Especially since it has been said before that it shouldn't be performed without professional instruction. Are video games to blame for the increase in violence? Maybe, but I'd chalk parenting, environment, mental stability before I even think about something as menial as a video game being the main cause of a murder. My point there being, if you, the reader, are stupid enough to go off of this incredibly vague instruction on how the stunt is done, you deserve what you get. On top of that if you are a minor and still live with your parents and can't get your hands on the sharps, but somehow do obtain the items necessary to even begin this effect, it ain't anyone's fault but the parents.

    I apologize if I've offended you, but what I have said gives no more information then me "Exposing" how Todd Robbins eats a lightbulb. *whispers* He breaks the glass and eats it, that is the secret.
  20. I would hardly call that exposure.

    It's like saying a levitation uses strings.


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