Who do you feel are the top creators in magic today?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dayton76, May 22, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I agree that Garcia and Houchin are not the only creators in the world. And I agree that there is with out a doubt people, that we all have not clue who they are, that have created stuff that would really be amazing. So I guess what I am saying is out of all the creators out there that are making money from the effects that they create, and releasing them...Garcia and Houchin are on the top of this magic game right now. And if you dont think Madison has strong effects its probably because you have not read enough of his .pdf's.

    Oh, and as far as mentalism is concerned I agree that Luke Jermay is probably on top right now as far as creators in that area. But when it comes to mentalism, the strongest effects, in my opinion, the creators keep to themselves for long .. long... loooong time.
  2. I am surprised no one mentioned Aaron Fisher yet.
  3. Shane is right on this. Shane has told me stories about some people he knows in Texas.:p

    I think people sometimes lose sight on the point of magic. You'll understand the relevance to that statement when I create the thread that is somewhat related to this topic. Believe me, there are TONS of creative minds out there that just choose not to release your material.

    Trust me, Danny Garcia isn't the only one with an amazing mind for creativity.

  4. Bob the Builder is the best creator in magic. He literally BUILDED magic!

    Anyway, I'd say defineitly Wayne Houchin and Paul Harris are the creators of magic.
  5. When did "creator" become synonymous with "magic dealer"?

    And, do you have to have a DVD output to be considered a "creator?"

    Just questions.

    Brad Henderson
  6. Max Maven is one of, if not THE, top creators today. The man has published nearly 2000 tricks!
  7. Jay Sankey
    Oliver Meech
    Richard Sanders
    Max Maven
    Chris Kenner
    Paul Harris
    David Regal
    Daniel Garcia (Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp Guest 2009!!!)
  8. Thank you Brad.

    Believe me, there are many great creators that you guys have never even heard of. Just because a magician doesn't sell his material doesn't mean he's not a creator. There are TONS of creators that you guys have never even heard of.

  9. But that's irrelevant. If we examine the question that is proposed, it is pretty pedantic to say "Everyone who we havent heard of!"

    Whilst i may agree that there are probably a truckload of great creators out there who i dont know exists but the fact of the matter is: I dont know that they exist.

    So how do you expect me to give them some recognition if i dont know they exist? I apologise, but would you like me to Hunt their ass down Hitman Style, Force each and every created effect that their minds have manufactured and compare them hand-to-hand with mainstream artists?

    Bit extreme if you ask me, but i do see your point. Im not countering your statement, but proposing a flaw.

  10. To add more to the list
    The top creators are the magicians who are at the highest point in elevation. If Wayne was at the Tapei 101, he'd be the top magician. Haha, love making obvious jokes.

    Yeah, actaully many magicians are the top creators. Just that they are not well-know and have not been publicized like Danny G and Paul Harris.
  11. for impromtuism and using his surroundings...its daniel garcia....hands down

    on using different principles comedy.....jay sankey

    straight out cleverness....wayne houchin

    performance wise....i haven't seen a better one than cyril takayama......the best modern magician i have ever came across.....the total package....
  12. Yea I forgot about Cyril. I feel as far as close-up magic and street magicians he may be on the top of the list.
  13. ohh yeah he inspires me.....have you seen him drink water and refill it up within seconds???
  14. Sankey is one of my favorites. And Luke Jermay is pretty awesome too.
  15. I honestly couldn't name a top creator as many creators do not release their stuff so many will never get to see it.
  16. 1. Jay Sankey
    2. Paul Harris
    3.Chris Kenner
  17. Sinful07,

    The point you should take away from this is not a suggestion to hunt people down hit man style, but the realization that most people's breadth of knowledge is extremely limited. For an art that has been around for hundreds of years and of which it was once claimed that more books had been written on than any other performing art - I find it stunning that people seem to only be aware of the same 5 or 6 magicians - all of whom have made a good portion - if not all - of their living as sellers of magic, all of whom have dvds, and many of whom are not known for actually making a living as a performing magician.(Those who named cyril and brown being excepted.)

    I have no intent for this observation to be a 'put down.'. Quite the contrary, I would hopeit may lead others who believe that magic - this art which by definition should be unique - can never be so if everyone restricts themselves to the same dvds and the same magic dealers.

    There is SO much more out there. It saddens me that all those doors remain closed - simply because no one is willing to knock.

  18. I forget the actual quote but most of the guys who are creators, tend to be amateur's or hobbyist. Because they have the most time on their hands and enjoy it a bit more than the pro's, Sense they don't have to worry about the business side of it.

  19. Here is a quote kind of similar......

    A amateur knows 1,000 tricks and performs for 10 people

    A professional knows 10 tricks and performs for 1,000 people.

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