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  1. Why don't you contact Asi? From what I understand he's not unreachable. You should also look up the mismade bill. Really wish you had done a google search.

    My understanding from what I've read is that Dan Harlan and Asi Wind independently created this effect. However, Dan was the first to put it in print, therefore he is credited with the effect. Asi's effect remains unpublished.
  2. I figured a more prompt response would be here. Guess I should just avoid this place based off your suggestion. Isn't the point of forums to ask questions for information so its available for other people who have the same question?

    Thank you.

    You assume.

    I did. Multiple searches with different keywords. No luck. I only knew about Dan Harlan being apart of it by word of mouth.

    Thanks for what you did share regardless.
  3. I have to say that this is a good example of tv magic.
  4. 1) I merely suggested that you should contact Asi because he might be able to give you a more complete answer. No other reason. You're reading too much into it. It was a suggestion, nothing more - take it at face value.

    2) No worries.

    3) I found the info on the first search I did. Try "Asi Wind Mismade Bill". There's a thread from the Café which indicates the info I posted above, as well as referring to other info previously posted, and probably a link to Asi's details if you are interested. EDIT: Never mind, I see you've found it.
  5. Ya I tried multiple keywords on the search "mismade bill" was not one that came to mind.

    I wasn't reading too much into it. You're response was more annoyed by the thread being generated.
  6. So is the 2CM then right?
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    I'm talking about something that was setup preshow. Those really aren't "borrowed" bills.

    I don't mean to be a buzz kill but.. Look in both videos, especially with Asi. He only has 1 dollar bill in his wallet (crisp). That was Asi's planned effect for the tv spot. And he folded the bill quickly so you can't see the back of the bill for the beginning of the effect.

    Method man...had the bill folded in the beginning so you can't see the back of the bill.

    I'm not gonna go into exposure here but I can assure you this isn't an 'impromptu" effect as it is shown.
  8. I thought that Harry Anderson did the mismade bill first? I recall hearing in an interview with him that he found the materials at a swap meet/flea market kind of thing.
  9. I have seen Asi do this live, borrowed bill and everything, I'm sure there is a bit of set up, but what you just saw on the video is exactly what you see him do live.
  10. I dont see that as being TV magic... I mean if you really wanted to accomplish the effect in a walk around I am sure you can build a routine set that will allow you to accomplish a bill switch prior to the effect.
  11. Incorrect.


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