Why is Borrowing an Object so VITAL?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by MitchellStafiej, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. danny you are spot on buddy
  2. The magic is done with somthing of theres, clears all suspition of a gimmick.
    Is signed so it is not switched (again for a gimmick)

    Basicly borrowing the coin makes it seem even more impossible.
  3. How can something be MORE impossible. If something is impossible, then it is impossible, point finale.


  4. Magicians are known to have tricks with gimmicks and I think that when you borrow something and then go and have it signed, the spectator doesnt think you could switch out the coin....
  5. Anytime you can make an effect more personal, it will have a bigger impact. Using an object that belongs to the spectator is one way of doing this.

    Just remember that when certain objects are signed, like a quarter. Some people will burn your hands while you perform the trick.

    Just make sure you are confident with your skills.
  6. Why are you scared of having them burned your hands?
  7. First of all, borrowing a coin isn't making it "more personal". People spend that change in a heartbeat without missing specific coins. It's just pocket change- no one cares.

    I'd rather do magic with SPECIAL COINS that are obscure and weird, than do magic with borrowed change that has no significance.

    "Coin magic looks too good with gaffs"- Gary Yin

    Gary, my man... I don't know what to say.

    First of all, it doesn't look too good. The "too-perfect theory" is a load of garbage. In fact, it was theory -1, and they took it off this site.

    Anything I can do to make it look more like real magic, I'm going to do. If that means using a flipper coin or a scotch and soda set or a copper/silver coin, I'm in. What's wrong with making your magic look like magic?

    Oh, I see... They're going to know something's up.
    SO WHAT?

    They'll know that anyways. You're a magician, for pete's sake. No matter how amazing and clean and gimmickless it is, they're going to think you used something fishy. So why not use something fishy?

    ...Unless you're using fish. Ew.

    /end rant.

  8. scott your right on target. some of you guys need to go out and study some things not offered by the uber street magic sites. please do your performances a favor and check out darwin ortiz "strong magic" you can get it directly from him

    after you get the book and read it come back here and tell me what he has to say about the value of unusual or interesting props.
  9. Signing an object makes it more presonal?! Yes, because people care about quarters, playing cards and you business card. :confused: BS, I say!!!

    Borrowing an object like a ring or a watch makes it personal, because people care about those items; they use and it probably has some special meaning to them. At the very least, it has monetary value.

    Although lots of people say it does, I don't think a person's signature makes them care more or less about the object or the magic. It can only be used to disprove certain methods, when used properly. Then, when a certain method is disproven, your audience reacts to the impossibility, the astonishment.

    Scott, Joshua: I'm glad I'm not alone here. :cool:
  10. It shouldn't make a difference whether or not an object is borrowed and/or signed. Either way, signed/borrowed or not, you're taking an everyday object and doing something that seems impossible with it. It doesn't matter if it's borrowed or signed, because either way (signed or not) you've created an impossible moment in the spectator's mind.
  11. I did Sinful for a crowd of 200+ And there was some tv camera there and everything. (but I doubt it was on tv) then I was thinking on weather or not to have someone sign the coin (I was nervous to ask for a volunteer) .Then someone yelled really loud saying"I saw him he has two coins"(this was a complete LIE) and at the last minute I decided to have them sign the coin. I took a sharpie out of my bag then I thought of a routine right there.Infront of 200 people

    I took the glass that I was going to poor the soda in had a Volunteer sign the coin and. Performed Infusion instead.

    After that I said"If you didn't Find that good then watch me do the same thing with a sealed soda can."

    Passed it out for inspection and people were like "what its really sealed but I thought he..."

    Had another person sign the same coin.

    Performed Sinful.

    Got an extremely good reaction.

    I got applauded 8 times (one of witch was from dropping the coin)it was pretty funny
  12. yes, as perviously discussed, routines utilizing object to impossiable location plot... identifing marks become more important

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