Why Magic?

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  1. Why do you do magic??

    What do you want to get out of magic??

    I am asking these two questions to members of the forums just because I think all magicians should answer these questions to understand what magic is truly about.
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    Amending my poor/non existent social skills.

    Able to get dates.

    PS: im serious
  3. I hate getting tricked so I decide to trick people.
  4. It stared out as a VERY expensive hobby. I don't even know what it is anymore, I guess I just like being the centre of attention.
  5. When I first started, I just wanted some attention.
    Now I rarely perform for people, but when I do, I do it for the smiles on their faces.
  6. It´s fun to do and to entertain people.
    In futur to earn some "little" money and buy things you always wanted to have or for others things.
  7. 1) Increase in confidence
    2) I enjoy it
    3) I'm facsinated by it
    4) I like to entertain people and make them happy
    5) I believe that happiness is a key to a healthy life, hence I might go work voluntarily in a old people's home or hospital or something.
    6) I need to pass time
    7) I like having multiple hobbies - others being juggling, piano, guitar, design work
  8. I love lying.
  9. It's the deception - the way you lead an audience on and completely distort their sense of reality and, in extreme cases (with effects like Control), make them take a step back and think about life.

    Magic has always fascinated me, and the ability to perform what feels like real magic keeps me going.
  10. At first, I just liked the attention. But now that I have gotten much more series since then, I just love the feeling you get after you do an amazing effect. The emotional connection you get between me and the specatators.
    And just having fun out there.
  11. Hmm, I was always fascinated by magic when magicians perform during tv shows.After learning magic, I like to perform for people and entertain them. When the people who I perform to are at loss for words, I have a sense of satisfaction that I did my job as a magician well.
  12. I think that many people say they do it for the reactions and all that, but I believe it's a lie. I think that for the most part, they do it for themselves. I do it mostly for myselves. Technically, it's for the spectators reactions, and entertaining them, but I feel good because it was me who made them feel that way. So basically for myself, but also for the spectators in a sense. It may sound selfish, but I'm not going to lie about it- it gives me a good feeling when I know I've accomplished an effect I've een striving to get down. To know that I've brought happiness to someone's life... if even for a minute.

    Hopefully someday in the near future I'll be able to go pro, but we'll see. After that, I plan to play it by ear. I hope to be a lawyer someday, and I may not have time to do gigs anymore. If that's the case, I can wait until I'm retired- assuming magic is still around by then (that's a scary thought, isn't?).
  13. I can agree to that...seriously I'm no social guy.

    For other reasons I do it because...for some reason I love to, I say this like 'why does doing these sleights appeal to me?' I don't know but they do.

    Another would be to have a hobby/skill, and to impress people, I dunno.

  14. why/?

    Well i started because ... I don't really know i mean i didn't have a reason for doing magic ,i don't wanna sound like a j...k but i do think i am social so that's not a reason but now i really enjoy the sounds and the expressions of people that see my magic i really like to do it and i feel very lucky cause normally people approaches me to show them magic so i think is COOL! lol , also i really love how you can manipulate anyone i really mean anyone to do whatever yo want you can make them grab their foot and jump in circles while holding a card between their nose and my finger ....haha well thats why i do magic..
  15. I like seeing peoples reactions. I loved being tricked, I still trick myself. I some times scream when practicing in the mirror.
    And I like the feeling when people get AMAZED. I feel the amazment in the air, it makes me feel loose.
  16. I do magic because I am a great performer and I love to make people's day great. I really do it just to see a happy look on someones face. That's a;l I need.

  17. I wanted to be like the magicians on t.v.

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