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  1. Why didnt you guys use the higher quality UV500 finish on the Guardians..the only reason i ask is because the wrting on the side of the box in the pictures says the lower quality Air Cushion....or am i totally wrong?

  2. Your not Wrong, the Product Description says they are have the air cushion
    finish as well. I am kinda glad that the used a little lower quality for now, I am
    sure that it helps keep the cost down.
  3. are these cards normal thickness or like masters
  4. im glad they didn;t i don;t like the thicker cards
  5. The thicker cards are yucky in my opinion, good old Air Cushion is the way to go!
  6. Personally, I'd be more than willing to pay the extra price for better quality.

  7. by the way...the finish has nothing to do with the thickness of the cards...hte stock is what determines that, and you can have the UV500 finish and still sell them cheap....just look at the MAsters from "E"
  8. i think they should have made them linoid finish like the tally hos or uv500 air flow finish
  9. I'm hoping their thin, I hate thick cards, makes double lifts too noticeable :(
  10. Quality like normal Bicycles is good for me. Yeah, and it makes the deck not too costy. The back design and the box are beautiful. :)

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