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  1. Hey everyone,
    I recently started using my wiregrams again, not realising how good of a response this effect recieves. This one hits hard! Does any one have some original ideas for the effect?

    -Having more than one wiregram on you, then being able to instantly repeat the effect with "the same wire" and a different card
    -Pairing it with Jay Sankey's Carbon paper, using a presentation centered around voodoo
    - Doing it in the spectators hands

    Side note
    Can someone please help me with this new problem I've encountered when performing this effect:
    - For some reason, a couple laypeople I've done this for think that this effect can be accomplished by bending a peice of wire into the desired shape before the effect, unbending it, and then applying heat will make it go back to the same shape. A couple of people insist that this will work! Even though it is obviosly the incorrect method, there's no way for me to prove thats not how i did it! (unless the wire was "borrowed" but nobody carries wire on them) SUGGESTIONS PLEASE
  2. Ask them to prove it..? And when they can't, tell them "That's because it doesn't work" or "I thought so."
  3. I agree with Agentkuo
  4. The thing is if they try it with the wiregram piece of metal (ie the only piece of wire on display) it will work. Not to mention when performing the weakest part of the effect should have the least heat on it, however in this effect the weakest part is the fact that you have a piece of wire, no justification. And the magic happens with this piece of wire, so instantly the wire seems like it is some how different (because it is) and the audience will pick up on that. I could offer more thoughts however I will leave it for the minute.
  5. I justify it as our "voodoo wire". any other justification such as, "this wire was given to me by my grandfather, and is believed to be haunted" (or something like that) is dismissed as BS by the audience, so i think justifying the wire can only take away from the effect in my opinion. but thats a different topic. ANYWAYS, i've never had someone question the wire as being a special or trick wire. i;ve just encountered this problem quite a few times where people think that bending the wire into the desired shape beforehand, then unbending it, then applying heat will make the wire go back to the desired shape. logically, it really makes no sence, but logic can be a real bi*** when it comes to spectators (like how some people think that while performing CONTROL, you can stop your pulse by holding your breath!) i just dont know how i can prove that their explanation is false. its not like i can handout the wire and have them try it. how can i prove that they are wrong?
  6. The fact that the spectators suspect there is somethin not right with the wire means they are suspicious.

    If you break down what your spectators are saying they are halfway there. They believe that wire when heat is applied reverts back to a prestablished state, and that is the exact method of wiregrams. The only difference is how it got that way in the first place.

    I has been said before if the spectator knows you did something it is just as bad if they know what you did.
  7. so then whats the point of performing it if people walk away with this theory? is there a problem with the way I've presented it? how can there be no suspicousness on the wire?
  8. Why don't you just take a normal piece of wire with you, then when they tell you their theory, just say "OK Prove it" hand them the normal wire and watch them fail. You can probably get a good laugh out of this as well.

  9. I think a re-worked presentation is in order. The wire is going to be suspected, so maybe it's change can surprise you as well, like you didn't know it was going to happen. By drawing tons of attention to the wire you make it an object of interest. The problem is, it is interesting, so making it less suspicious isn't a walk in the park.

    I've never used wiregrams, but maybe put a spin on the presentation, spread the cards and act as though it's a dowsing type principle and will lead you to their card. It doesn't work. You now finish my start of a presentation and figure a way to bring heat into it...
  10. This isn't really a "magicy" piece ... You aren't using supernatural forces to cover the true method. You have a lighter and flash paper. More like something you present to explain the doctrines of education of magic and it has to do with physics.. Or skill, or whatever pertains to your character. When you play around with different pieces, you start to find what works for you, and what does not.. If this piece isn't getting the response you seeking, then maybe record it and listen to your presentation, or just throw the piece in the back of your head and come back to it at a later time with maybe a new perspective or train of thought, and maybe you will turn it into something great.
  11. thanx guys, i agree with the above posts. There shouldnt be too much attention drawn to the wire because that will arise suspision. also, i performed it in the past by just taking a lighter to the wire while the spectator was holding it. I think now i will use some flash paper instead with it
  12. My presentation may be a bit tooooo...ummmm...risky for some. But it is what works for ME and my personality. :)

    I basically tell the spectator that I followed David Copperfield around and went to all of his shows in hopes of meeting him one day. Then, before one of his shows started, I had to use the bathroom realllly bad. So I went into the bathroom and as I was walking in, David effing Copperfield was walking out! He gave me a high five and said he hopes I enjoy the show! Well, now I REALLY had to go to the bathroom so I went into the same stall as he did, and what did I find on the toilet rim?!?! (Then I bring out the wiregram...) THIS must belong to Copperfiled I said to myself! (Then I proceed to the effect).

    Again, for ME it gets great reactions. I dunno how it would work for you and your performance style...but think outside the box!!!

  13. Thats a nice comedic and intriguing idea. If I were to perform Wiregrams in a routine, what would be a good lead in effect. I usually do carbon paper first, in a voodoo style presentation, then go into wiregrams, explaining that it is a voodoo wire

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