World End?

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  1. The odds of the world ending are phenomenally small. Don't worry. :)

    - Sean
  2. Oh no, my 1st edition Black Ghost! They must be stopped!!
  3. these are going to be tested at mircroscopic conditions a tiny black hole won't do s***
  4. It's kind of funny that the first thing they say is "Will the LHC destroy the world, or help the world?" and it's only done to scare people when in fact it's not going to harm the world.

    Stephen Hawking said this "[The LHC is] vital if the human race is not to stultify and eventually die out.

    The world will not come to an end when the LHC turns on. The LHC is absolutely safe. If the collisions in the LHC produced a micro black hole - and this is unlikely - it would just evaporate away again, producing a correctoristic pattern of particles.

    Collisions releasing greater energy occur millions of times a day in the earth’s atmosphere and nothing terrible happens. The world will not come to an end when the LHC turns on. "

    So you shouldn't be worried by it at all.
  5. i dont worry too much. in fact more dimensions would be helpfull. slick coin vanishs (throw into 4th dimension) etc. but a tiny black hole wouldnt do anything, there is a black hole the size of a pin head in the sun, is it ending? no

    But volcan i sugesst you move your BG deck into a lead lined reinforced bomb shelter, as far away from europe as possible. Seeing you were able to afford a BG deck, a bomb shelter on the moon for one deck of cards would be cheap :D
  6. Why does it matter? We'll be too dead to care.

  7. Sigh won't happen. 5 minutes later boom!!
  8. If the world ends before I get to challenge DC again, I will be soooo pissed!

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    Hmm, I am actually slightly disappointed nothing has happened. It would be quite exciting if the world did come to an end and was eaten by black holes. Genuinely.
  10. I do not think that this will happen. I have many reasons, but I don;t feel like posting them here. but I will post the main one:

    In october, when they actually collide the atoms, they will be going at near light speed. when think of it this way: trillions and trillions of atoms are going AT light speed around the world, and they collide all the time naturally. how come a black hole hasn;t been created?
  11. Can someone explain how this would create a black hole.

    Isn't a black hole a really small, REALLY, REALLY dense object with so much gravitational pull it sucks us in? How would particles colliding create one of those?
  12. I dunno, it all goes wayyyyyyyyyyy over me but I think its after the particles collide 42 times then mice are gonna be THE most intellagent creatures and dophines are gonna sing their song and dance their dance and a depressed robot with a head the size of a planet is gonna pop into existence.

    the end
  13. it has much much chance of Y2K happening
  14. It would be a pretty cool magic trick.
  15. I just want to spark discussion with the fact that all the conclusions from scientists are based on one mans theory.

    Sure, he's probably correct, nothing will happen.

    but what if nothing happens, or a small black hole opens and deteriorates and then they decide a larger scale experiment is possible...and as the knowledge grows so does the threat...

    As long as the scientists working on the project have control over their egos, the world shouldn't end...this time.
  16. the are just turning it on tomorrow, they aren't doing any bashing for months
  17. It was switched on successfully today. They've fired protons round the tunnel but haven't collided them together yet.

    The people saying it will create a Black hole that will destroy the world aren't qualified to comment on the subject.
  18. lol its kinda exiting, =] oh well haha seize the day.

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