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  1. if it looks the same doesn't mean the method is the same. i just said mine is completly different. this wont be on the wire ;) i have already explained it to someone here and said it was different than what he imagined. I can actually demonstrate that to everyone of you, just PM ;) it would be a waste of time naming every single book and dvd i have. if i told you it's not there, why should i list them? the only thing that would help is if i just explain it to as many magcians that i can and see if they saw it before
  2. and it doesnt even look the same by the way
  3. In both videos the cards change under the fan. One changes to the card lost in the deck the other is changed to an indifferent card from a double. Again you are dodging the question of where did you look in books and such. It's not a waste of time to list what you have looked in. By knowing where you looked we can point you to things you might not own or thought about looking. If you only have like fifteen DVDs and ten books then that isn't a very large pool of sources to search.
  4. Ok I don't want to start an argument with anyone here but I feel I should say something as Kremsam was PM'ing me about it, and he should agree with what Im going to say about this after chatting to me privately about it. Before I start and people come back asking question's about me, if anyone has read any of my post's on other subjects you should know that I am a massive book fan and have quite a large collection of books, and other reading materials and sources after doing magic for 15 years. I'm not saying I know everything because I don't but I have a fairly good knowledge behind me.

    Kremsam should agree with what I'm about to say and shouldn't get upset as we have spoken about this in private. I agree that his change does look very similar to other changes out there, and there are other methods besides this where the same can be achieved and I sighted a couple of sources for his reference. I gave him my thoughts about how I thought it was done and then he told me his method (which I wont say here). As I have said before there are other published ways to achieve what his change does, but to my knowledge I don't know of a method that is the same or similar to the one he is using. Again I don't know or think I know everything there is to know, and I could be proved wrong about this.
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  5. In my change the card change simultaneously with the opening of the fan.
  6. THat.s exactly what you told me, yes.

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