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  1. Well, it is somewhat original. However! it needs to be practiced so much more thoroughly Before it is published. The double lift was incredibly novice in appearance (This may be changed quickly, so do not fear!). The handling of the deck, omitting the current state of you're double, looks fine for now.

  2. thanks for yojr tips. You ca, do a normal double lift, the one in the video i thought it would look better with the change
  3. I see. As a small tip, setting up the break is always bad practice.

  4. Thank you. :)
  5. Sorry to break it to you, not original. There's a few versions of this around, all you did was do it from the side rather than lengthwise which makes clean up harder.
  6. could you gently post a link here with those changes you were speaking about? Thank you
  7. I honestly can't remember the technical name of it since I never use it, but it's been around for a long time and there's several versions of it. My buddy Kyle does three different methods and has been doing them for over ten years.

    Study your fundamentals - card manipulation acts feature this change pretty frequently.
  8. I just think my method is totally different
  9. I'll send it to T11 crew and see what they think about it
  10. Ok. Harsh truth time.

    You flashed in the video and I know exactly what you're doing. Not only is it not original, it's not an improvement in anyway. You're doing it the hard way. The only difference is that you're using a flashy double (which you need to practice more) and you rotated the deck 90 degrees.

    While I wouldn't be surprised to see this published on the Wire, it's not adding anything to the magic world and the only thing this will do for your rep is cement it as someone who publishes rehashes of old tricks in the hopes to make a buck.

    I'm done here.
  11. as i said before i want to publish this for free :) as long as i never seen it done before (the way i do it) my conscience is clean. if someone shows me that this already exists i will delete it immediatly. Thanks for seeing it anyway and told me what you think.
  12. This is exactly the mentality that is wrong with magic today. "I haven't seen it, even though someone is telling me it's not new, so I'm going to publish it anyway."

    What have you checked to see if this is original? Here. Let me Google that for you. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=card+magic+fan+change
  13. And I think that it's bad juju to wear a fedora while watching Bollywood movies. You can think a lot of things kid, doesn't make them all right.

    I'm using my amazing mentalist powers to receive a vision of the future! I see... a rejection letter.

    So it's not money-grubbing behavior, it's cheap approval seeking behavior.

    What the hell makes you think I give a dead rat's ass about your bull**** idea of morals?

    Jeff McBride's Art of Card Manipulation Volume 1 is wear I first learned it from. I'm not normally so blunt and would ordinarily point you to a book, but I just had to drive an hour and a half in snow and got stuck twice so I am not in any kind of mood to entertain some wannabe's delusions of innovation. I'm not recommending a book because I have no hope that you would actually read it. I can only hope that in seeing Jeff perform you can see what a real magician looks like, as opposed to the faceless YouNoobs you seem to worship at the altar of.
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    Well, this is NOT that change. I know what you are talking about. Speaking without knowing the method is ignorance. You are acting like a kid. If you invented a trick and i would say its not original, without any proof, you would just take my word?
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    You dont even know who i am, and you talk to me like that. I respected everyone, and believe that education is actually more important than your magic skill ( wich i havent seen yet). You are probably older than me. But grow up... And learn to respect. Why would i not read a book? Just because i am convinced of the originality of my trick? I may be wrong but answer me appropriately. Shame on you :)
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    Last thing. If you think this is Jeff Mcbride's change in the AOCM 1 you are just so so wrong....
  17. Considering the number of times in the past I thought I invented something only to find it in The Jinx? Yeah.

    Steerpike: 1

    You respected no one. You took the feedback you got and told everyone to piss off because you were going to go do what you wanted to do anyway. That's not respect, that's being a punk.

    You don't strike me as the type. You're too hasty. Also, don't talk to me of shame, boy. You're the one who said you intend to publish this regardless of whether it's original or not because you figure so long as you can claim ignorance that makes it okay. No it ****ing doesn't.

    I'll believe that when I see it.
  18. I respected everyone, yes. I have my opinion, which i repeat may be wrong. But you dont have to insult me. 2 persons said its not original, the other one said it was. And i will delete it if i find out a similar version.
  19. No you didn't. Stop lying. It is not respect to hide an extended middle finger behind a handkerchief. And don't pull that, "It's just my opinion," nonsense with me. That does not make you immune to criticism, nor does it render my criticisms invalid. You're just plain wrong and you need to get the hell over yourself.

    This is what you said:

    That is unethical, immature, juvenile grade A bull****. You do not get my respect because with that one sentence you proved that you don't deserve it.

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