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  1. What you basically say is that i must admit its not original cause you said it. I accept critics, i just want a video to proove it. My conscience is clean cause i didnt copy anyone and i didnt have any bad intentions, thays what meant
  2. Why exactly do you expect me to do the research for you? Asking for help is one thing, but you're asking me to do work that should have been your responsibility to begin with.

    And I'm amazed you think that means anything to anyone. Good intentions do not prevent wrongdoing. This isn't even a case of being wrong for the right reasons because your motives are transparently selfish.
  3. Well you said that i want to publish this "for a buck" , or to be cool. So i said my conscience is clean cause thats not what i meant. I want to publish it cause based on my research it's new. Of course, as you say, i might be wrong in my research. So thats why i asked here, i want to know from those more experienced than me if that already exists and can name me the change.
  4. And what research have you done? What resources have you looked at?
  5. Well my researche is based on my DVD's and books, internet and magic friends. As far as my collection and knowledge can arrive, i did not find anything similar. i might have forgotten somehing obviously, thats why i am asking for help to see if it exists.
  6. No, that is not what you said. This is what you said:

    So which is it?

    Your research consisted of posting this thread and then going ahead and submitting the trick anyway when you didn't get the answer you obviously wanted.

    That's not what I said. I said you are definitely wrong. But you went ahead and submitted it to the Wire anyway because your ego demanded it.

    No you don't. Because you told us to **** off when you got an answer you didn't like. You say one thing, but your behavior says another.

    You know what? I'm done. I tried getting through to you, but it's apparent that you're not interested in listening to anyone who isn't kissing up to you. I have real work to do, and none of it involves beating my head against a wall trying to explain the ethics of the craft to a selfish child. The door is closed and I'm not opening it again.
  7. you said that i want to publish it for money. so by having bad intentions i meant that :) i only got 2 negative answers and a good one, why should i say "ok this already exists" if i tried and could not find anything similar. you make no sense. or maybe you pretend to accept it's non originality just cause you pretend it to be this way -.- .
  8. Where did I say that? Show me the exact quote. And no, that is not what you meant. You're lying again.

    Let me answer that with another question: Why should I have to do your research for you? How lazy are you?
  9. i already told you that i did my research (with my possibilities). You are still saying that this is not original without even naming a change or an artist doing it. i have to apologize for the "money" part, that was the other guy. is that you answerd that "you dont give a damn" about my morals even though i was replying to him, so that got me confused. My bad, sorry.

  10. i would love to see a list of books DVD and magazines you used. There have been multiple times i have though I had come up with something new only to find it in a magazine or book from the late 1800s to the 1940's. Even when I go through my complete runs of Tops, Genii, Linking Rings, Sphinx, all of my books and ebooks, I run it by not my magic friends, but magicians who i know know old slights be they friends who guys who I track down at conventions.

    All of this for effects that I have no plans to publish. I want to make sure I did my homework for my note books. So when I do teach someone else the effect i can give them the full history and leg work I did. So I know it is something original. Not so I can say well I went through these few books I own. But that i talked to guys who know more than I do. Guys who collections make mine look like some new guy just starting out, not someone doing this for twenty years now. So i'm guessing you think you did your research, but you really haven't.

    What we are saying is slow down. Also when you think you have something new just look at this video...
  11. Thats why im actually asking you. I cant have every dvd and magazine, and im not obviously the most experienced guy in magic. I just want that when someone says my trick is not original would also say where did they see it. I wont doubt the originality of a trick that "i.ve seen somewhere" and could not remember much about it.
  12. Well I do not know what books DVD and magazines you have Or even which conventions or meetings you went to to ask other magicians about this. This is why I asked for a list. This way we can point you to places to look and people to ask. I do not have every books. Thanks for places like Abbots, Lybrary the IBM and my subscription to Genii I do own almost every magazine. And it was fairly cheap for the amount of stuff I picked up.

    So again we need a list of what you own where you looked and where did you go to ask magicians about it. Not your friends who have been in magic a few months to a few years but guys who have been doing it longer than you have been alive.
  13. I am not a card magician any more. I am not doing your work for you. I'm telling you I've seen close enough to this, that it's not worth a release on its own. This is a variation of things that already exist. I don't have exact names, but I've seen it done by a dozen people. It's old hat.

    You're clearly not knowledgeable enough in magic to be publishing at this point.
  14. Ok, Im guessing you haven't been in magic that long. I'm not knocking you for trying to create there is nothing wrong with that. My advice is to be humble with your creations. Never ever forget that there are many magicians, tricks and methods that have come before you, and the chances that someone has already come up with something you have far out weighs the chances of you coming up with something completely original. My next bit of advice if you are intent or creating and publishing, and to be honest I don't know why people are so keen on publishing, I much rather keep possible original material to myself, but anyway, invest in a askalexander account, best money I have spent. It's the best place to start researching anything on magic, with so many resources. If you can't be bothered with that and still want to publish 'new material' hold onto it for a few years show it around to other magicians at clubs, conventions ect. These people will not only tell you if what you have is new, they will tell you if it's rubbish, how you can improve ect and at the end of that creative process you might have a trick completely different to what you started with and the chances of it being a better trick and who knows even original will be greatly improved.
  15. i completely agree with you. It's been 7 years that i do magic, and i know that someone could have inveted this before me, that's why i'm asking here. This is just a change that looks nice and i want to share it for free(only if i can't find anything similar that already exists), so holding it for a few years wont make any difference. Thank you for your advices
  16. I wasn't really talking about holding onto this for a few years I was talking in general. As others have said I'm pretty sure this isn't anything new, and I'm almost certain (will have to check) that Helder Guimaraes use's a very similar change for a effect on his Red Mirror DVD, which I also think he credit someone else for. Granted I can't say for 100% that I know you exact method, but from the 'finger flicks' in your video I'm pretty sure that I know the method, and if anything at best you have just a different handling to a standard colour change.
  17. Thank you. It is actually 100% different. This change does NOT exist, at least on the internet. Thanks again for your time
  18. Those look pretty much the same. Your variation of an effect does not make it new original.

    Also, you have yet to give us a list of books DVD magazines ect ect you have looked in. Just because it is not on the internet doesn't mean it is not out there. You know there are many magicians who do not post their stuff on the internet? Know why/ Because they do not want others apeing their stuff. This is why there is a limited amount of stuff out there from Ricky Jay and Diaconis. There is a reason why there are no videos of me online. It's like saying that your version of Friends in Low Places is original because Garth Brooks doesn't sell his songs on Itunes Or a cover of a Tool song since they do not stream their music.

    So again we need a list of what you have looked in and magicians who are versed in the history of slights that you have talked to. Also what other forums have you asked on.

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