Wounded and Control

Mar 30, 2008
This might have been done before but I have an idea.

I was on Youtube and these idea just hit me when I saw these two tricks next to each other on the Related Videos column.

I have Control by Wayne Houchin but I do not own the Wounded DVD by Robert Smith. My question is, is there any way to combine these two effects.

Say you stop your pulse, and then your eyes start bleeding, etc.

If anyone has both, can you please let me know if it is possible?

Mar 30, 2008
Just like my 'cutting of thumb' topic awhile back :D

What do you think someone will do when you stop your pulse and then your eyes bleed?


Scream and run away?

EDIT: No wait they would call 911..

Maybe if it was presented better. If you could patter it up.

Maybe you can do it in between an ACR. You tell your spectators that in order to bring their card to the top, you will need to go to the "other side". Then you suggest to them that whatever happens, you will be okay.

I was thinking that you then do Control, let your eyes bleed, and have invisible string attached to the top card. You then fall back and their card moves . Then you take a deep breath (gasping for breath like you just came up from the bottom of a pool holding your bretah) and get up. You then pick up the card, take off the invisible string and show it to them....
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If you presented it well then you got a chance, but there will still be some people who won't take your eyes bleeding easily...I wouldn't. I don't see the magic in making your eyes bleed...its just freaky. Well expieriment and tell us how it works, I'd just suggest you use this as a closer as its seems to be too amazing/emotional to be a filler and too much for an opener.

Sep 10, 2007
Certainly. Wounded happens to include a pulse stop method (not Control) and Robert Smith even uses these effects in conjunction with each other on the DVD.
May 1, 2008
Montreal, Canada
LOL that's way bad your stoping your pulse aka your blood to circulate but then it comes out of your eyes it's kinda freaky for the spectators and pretty dumb( not the effect or anything like no offence but putting two things that don't belong together is just a no).

Sep 1, 2007
on Theory11.
Imagine adding stigmata to wounded and control. Your pulse stops, eyes bleed and stigmata appears.

There's only so much a spectator can take...
If I was a normal spectator and saw Control performed well, I'd be pretty freaked out. Same with Stigmata.
But for me, Wounded seems a little...
You could seriously mess with your audience, with these tricks alone, but if you combine them....
It's almost borderline scary.

Just my thoughts.
Jul 13, 2008
What about saw (Sean Fields) and tears of blood? I think that would be wierd also, but I won't be doing it because I think it might be just as bad as control and the tears. It just popped in my head, so I thought I'd share.
Sep 1, 2007
Are you people all insane?

You know what, I don't want magic like Control or Wounded anywhere near you riff-raff. You're more obsessed with looking dark and outrageous than doing good magic.
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