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  1. Hey guys,
    Jay Sankey released an effect called "Wraptured" on his Hardcore DVD. The effect involves a quarter and a penny. The magician puts the penny in his pocket. The magician then proceeds to "heat up" the quarter using friction and the power of his mind. The magician then retrieves the penny from his pocket and proves that the quarter is hot by literally wrapping it around the penny. Thus creating a quarter and penny taco. A priceless souvenir for spectators.

    However here is where I need help. I feel like the whole "heating up" process is not convincing enough. My idea, is that after I wrap the quarter around the penny, I want to say something like "ahh but it's still really hot... Look!" And I'll drop the gimmick in a glass of water and it will sizzle. Just like when you drop something hot in water! The problem is, is I have no idea how to achieve this effect. I had an idea of cramming bits of an alka-seltzer tablet inbetween the fold of the gimmick, in hopes that would create a sizzling effect when dropped in water. However, this did not work. The bits of the tablet either fell out during performance, or just floated out of the gimmick when it was placed in water. After a lot of experimenting with this, it was clear it wasn't going to work. So...
    How could I achieve the sizzling effect when placing the gimmick in water?
    Thank you
    - Jon
  2. Interesting idea. I like the concept. Sadly I don't have any specific ideas other than to say you might use a smoke gimmick of some kind. Then smoke would come from your hands during the heating up process.
  3. Replace the water with pepsi (Or any dark coloured drink) to disguise the fact that it isn't the coin sizzling.
  4. Try ENO powder , i dont know if you will get ENO there in your country or not .. But it is a powder you will get at the chemists shop used to get relief from acidity .. The powder will produce bubbles and make the whole water turn white for about 3 seconds and after that water turns to its normal colour .. :)
  5. dont use pepsi, i think you should try some sprite. try to put that in a glass cup. and then let it sit for a bit, tap the side of the glass to get rid of some of the bubbles, then try it. might work. also, you could possibly actually just heat up the coin, might be a lil risky, but the heat transfer rate should be long enough if you use a butane torch lighter (disclaimer, please have an adult present and use saftey (gloves, goggles, apron) or do not attempt this) hat is your disclaimer
  6. A butane torch lighter?? And how would you go about heating up the gimmick with that without your spectator(s) noticing?
  7. Hey guys,
    Thanks soooo much for the input and ideas so far. I love the suggestions and have been doing further research. A couple things-

    Firstly, let me just stress the importance of the thread because I just performed the effect for someone, and they gave a great reaction. However, when I handed the gimmick to them, they said "oh but it's kinda cold!" So this is what I'm trying to prove. I want to drop it in water, or possibly by some other means, and have the gimmick sizzle to prove that it is hot.

    The suggested soda method unfortunately does not work. Even with brand new soda. And plus, I feel as if any fizzling would just be attributed to the fact that the liquid is carbonated, by spectators.

    As for the eno powder. I did research this, and it's interesting. However, I'm not sure where I would put the powder. Below is an image of the end result of the effect. So far, just shoving powder in the crease of the quarter has not worked out. It would often spill out during performance, or float right out of the gimmick when placed in water. It would need a way to stay in place. I'm not positive on how I would do this.

    photo 2-1.JPG photo 1-2.JPG

    The blowtorch method... Chris thanks a ton for your input, however I'm just as confused as the previous poster about this! I do not understand how this would do anything. I cannot blowtorch something in a walk around setting. However I appreciate the input!

    After some research I came across a method for making smoke come out of the gimmick. I'm sure you have heard of it. The old "smoke from fingertips" principle. It involves a bit of prep with the strike pad of a matchbook. With a bit of friction, this would allow smoke to appear during the effect, and would also create enough heat to make the desired sizzle. However I have heard there are major safety concerns for using this principle. What're your thoughts?

    Thanks a ton,
  8. If your spec expects it to be warm when you hand it to them....warm it up! Put the gimmick in a pocket close to your body before you bring it into play(ie. Pants pocket as opposed to a jacket pocket) Another effect that might help sell the fact that you are heating it up would be Guru. http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S11773 Before you bring in the gimmick you would do the guru effect as you heat up the quarter.

    Then you can wring in the gimmick, add a little smoke maybe, and blow on it to "Cool" it down before handing it to a spectator.
  9. You wouldn't get the desired sizzle effect but this could be another type of convincer... use a gimmick like Ultra Smoke or Pure Smoke to create the illusion of smoke (or steam) rising out of the glass after the coin is dropped in. I don't know if this is actually scientifically logical though, that's the problem.
  10. I'd agree that using a smoke gimmick would possibly enchance the effect dropping it into water as well to hear it sizzle is a nice idea too. However, I really feel the best convincer is when the particpants are able to feel the heat from the coin, it is more of a connection and a potential magic moment because A) you tell them you heated up the coin and B) they can feel the risidual heat.

    This is the delema though, how can you warm up the gimmick without using friction or what not? Well you could make a mini cooler in your pocket. Well not cooler more of an insulated pocket to keep heat in. If you can find those mini ice pack/ cold pack devices you can use some of them in warm water and then wrap pre made gimmicks with the heat pad in a towel until needed to be used. It'll keep them warmer than body temperature and actually feel significantly warmer than what would be achieved through body contact alone.

    If that option is not available to you, you can heat the coins in a pot of water *note if you boilem I'm not responsible for injuries*, and then wrap them in a towel to keep your prepared gimmicks warm. If you want to do this on the fly pre heat the gimmick with an open flame. (Don't do this method...) and wrap it in a towel and go from there. Just be sure to clean the coin of soot first.

    Enjoy and I hope these tips will help you bring amazement to whoever you meet,

  11. Dee Christopher has a subtlety that would give you what you need in, I think, How To Get Away With Murder. It wouldn't make water sizzle, but it will make the coins distinctly warm to the touch.
  12. Yeah thats a really good shout actually, lo-tech and really effective and fits your criteria pretty perfectly.

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