WTF? What happend to WTF?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZacEckstein, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Where is Justin Miller?
  2. I know as much as you do, but here is what b.Smith had to say, on the Cafe:

  3. That's Bulls**t, I freaking love Justin Miller! He was the first person I ever saw lecture and he is such a nice guy. I can't believe that he would do something to cause legal action against himself. :eek::mad::(
  4. yeah i had the same question.. Smile was not even JM it was created by Mr. Huot. aka the human deckofcards
  5. Not gonna lie, WTF was the worst thing JM has done since I have known of him. Glad he is out, wish him the best, hope that WTF implodes.
  6. Why are you against WTF? I don't care I am just curious. I don't know anything about the situation. The only reason I pay attention to it is because of Justin.
  7. Can someone give me a run up on what has happen?
  8. I'll tell you your speaking out of context with no idea of what your talking about Lyle. JM and WTF had their issues but Bob and Geezey are good guys with that said they are trying their best to correct the past issues they've had with their customers. New things and new approaches are around the corner and I look forward to whats next and so should you.

  9. I was actually wondering about Justin this morning. I haven't seen him post anything for a long time. No idea what all that legal stuff is about either.
  10. No clue what happened there, but after reading the thread on The Magic Cafe, I am starting to get the idea that Justin Miller has been doing some unethical business with his customers.

    I hope that isn't true, but it looks like it. :(

    And did he really disappear? They make it sound like he ran away or something...
  11. this is sad nows for me...I really liked Justin Miller and his stuff...I can´t believe this ended so bad...
  12. haha, this is reminiscent of the whole fabrice delaure debacle.
  13. Can someone link the Cafe thread?

  14. Fellas, as more information unfolds lets please keep the thread clean and not turn it into a bash fest. Obviously there were some issues and WTF is trying to resolve them. Try to stay positive.
  15. Interesting. This isn't the first time I've heard of shady dealings from Justin. Actually, it's the third.

  16. Like Arnold said : Don't worry he'l be back
    Ps: wtf is coming out with a new product soon....
  17. I honestly just can't believe that. He has been nothing but nice to me, he has critiqued a video for me, and he seemed like a nice normal dude when I met him! This is a complete 180 from what I thought of him. Welp, I hope this all sifts out in the end.
  18. no one never really knows someone.
    How could they? a few encounters with a person doesnt mean you can make a good conclusion on their character or personality.
    Im not going to draw any conclusions on him yet cause of this.
    Gotta hear the whole story.

    oOoO I just love magician celebrity drama! YaY!
  19. None of you have any idea. I live in the area and had front-row seats to this total ****storm.

    Here's what happened: I was calling the place because of the 1-year anniversary about the Autograph effect. And what did I get? A voicemail that led me from bad to far far worse. I called Geez and he seemed really agitated about it, threatening federal charges and all that. ZacEckstein is right; this was also a complete 180 of what I thought of him, and based on what I heard, it all started merely a week after I last saw him at the magic shop.

    I wish this thread was deleted because it could only do so much to rip open the hollow hole I am suffering; it's probably the worst experience in magic that I ever had and it is so bad that it affected my fursona/magician persona as well (and to think that I use magic as a way to escape from all the stresses of real life), something that could never be done before or since. It felt like someone took a ****ing shotgun and blasted a hole into my chest. That's how painful it was and I chose to keep it a secret to my dying day. The only other people who know my pain are my friend Josh, my mom, my brother, and of course Geez and B.Smith, the last to whom I confessed my unspeakably violent thoughts about the matter. He was very reassuring, telling me that I have to be strong, to have faith and what. It helps, and he's right, but seeing this, being forced to write this right now, God... it makes me want to vomit.

    I know it's really bad what I said just now, and in fact, I'm writing this through a proxy right now. But to see this after a while, it tugs at the chains that are constantly pulling me apart just like in Hellraiser. Well, like someone else said, I do hope for this to blow over.
  20. I'm confused as to what you're saying. First off, what is Geez? And what exactly are you saying he did.

    Well you have to keep in mind that he's a magician. Lying and deception is what he does best.
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