WTF? What happend to WTF?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZacEckstein, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. I have no idea what you guys are talking about... Could someone explain what happened?
  2. Geez is the alias of one of the other admins of WTF NoLimits. He was the first to tell me what's going on.

    As to what I'm saying? In short, this was probably the worst experience I have ever had as a magician. I apologize for the tl;dr diarrhea of the mouth I just posted, but seeing this after all this time still hurts like the first time. I'm sorry you had to read through all that.
  3. I hear you!
  4. I guess I am still a bit confused at to what happened. Was something said to you by Justin on your voicemail?


    Did you not get a product or something you had purchased and failed to get a refund?
  5. You're talking to me right?

    All my products have been satisfactory. In fact, he personally gave me an A052 DVD at the magic shop.

    It all went to **** because I heard what happened; it wasn't Justin who was on the voicemail, it was someone else in charge of WTF. I couldn't believe it, so I investigated further and called them... a big mistake.
  6. Oh, I see. You are angry about the situation and how it was handled regarding Justin but you are personally not mad at him. Am I right? You are more angered about they way you were treated by another individual from WTF?

    I guess I am still in the dark as to what Justin actually is being accused of.
  7. No; I am not angry about the way JM was treated by another individual from WTF. As a matter of fact the other people seem more trustworthy to me now.

    I feel so betrayed by Justin himself, that's all.
  8. That is what I am asking you about. Why have you been betrayed by Justin? Or is that what you are not willing to share?
  9. k seanhawk...just say what the dude did and be done with it...we all have a right to know since the guy will probably be back in a couple months trying to sell us more crap

    and this is 100% not the first time I've heard about Justin Miller being unethical
  10. It's best if you contact the people directly like I did.
  11. Sean, you havn't said anything coherent up until this point. Each post contadicts the last.

    First, explain who you are. Second, explain who you are upset at, and why. Third, explain what Justin has to do with all of this.

    Simple. Just do it. We have no clue what you are talking about, you are just confusing everyone.
  12. +1 :confused:
  13. Look Geez isn't an admin he's a co-owner of WTF. Justin is no longer a part of WTF they went their seperate ways. As far as Sean (without being so dramatic) has anyone at WTF including Justin done anything personally to you. Their business is a private matter but I can say Geez which is his last name and Bob are running a clean business now and they only wish to offer good magic and great customer service to their consumers, other than that there's not much else to add to the subject.

  14. He's suggesting that we ask them directly. Are we supposed to just write them an e-mail saying "hey this kid said you offended him or something with a voicemail what was that about?"
  15. Its no secret that I am not a fan of justin miller. However, in our lives there are private matters and public matters.

    Sadly, in magic, it seems that wrongs are seldom addressed unless issues are raised publicly. I believe that stolen tricks and bad business practices should be addressed publicly as they are, indeed, public matters.

    Right now, this does not seem to be a public matter, but a private one. Until the parties involve choose to make their concerns public, it's really none of our business.

    Now if this were a case of someone being/feeling ripped of and not being able to have their concerns addresses, I would agree building heat in the forums would be warranted, but it is clear that this issue involves none of us.

    If legal action is being pursued, it is not in either parties interest to comment publicly.

    Again, I am not a miller fan, but everyone deserves a private life. Until his actions affect the community, other magicians who choose to share their concern, or the lineage of ideas - it's really not our business.

    Brad Henderson
  16. I think at this time I am going to close the thread until further notice.
  17. Hey everyone. I know Rev closed this thread because he was confused as to what was going on.

    I believe I know some of the details as to what went on, but I choose not to say them as

    1. It is a private matter.
    2. I choose not to acknowledge rumors as fact. And in the magic community, there are rumors everywhere. So half of what you hear about people is probably a lie.

    Justin has left WTF No Limits. BSmith and Geezey are running the show now. There was a little business disagreement between them, and Justin left the company. It is a personal matter, and there doesn't need to be a public discussion about it.

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