Wynn and JAQK Decks?

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  1. Sorry if this is a silly question to ask but may I ask why the brown wynns are being given out at the $50 tier and the JAQK deck at the $100 tier :confused:? I just did a quick ebay search and brown wynn's go for double the amount of what the JAQK deck goes for. Surely it would make more sense to switch the tiers of the deck. Is the JAQK deck more limited or rare? If anyone could explain it would be greatly appreciated!

    Many Thanks
    Super Robot Wars
  2. To my knowledge, the JAQK decks were out of stock for quite a while now and will probably not be made again but as opposed to Brown Wynn, it is still being made. Also, I think the JAQK decks are made by some wine company and the company might have went bankrupt or something, which makes the value of the said deck that much more difficult to attain.
  3. Robot,

    JAQK Decks are much more rare than Brown Wynns, therefore we placed them in the Tier 2 category. Hope that clears things up! The White Centurions went out in a matter of minutes. It was insane! We appreciate ALL of you guys' support! Hope you guys are having a wonderful Black Friday, and I hope you guys enjoy your stuff when you receive it (if you ordered today)! Only 10 hours left to get 25% off at checkout! Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY!

    Much love from all of the guys here at theory11!
  4. I have only recently become a deck collector and was a bit confused, cheers for clearing everything up CaseyRudd and petecardmagic21! :) Pity about the white centurions :( but hey you win some and lose some :p. The Black Friday deal is awesome, I'm thinking of purchasing Touch by Hanson Chien and was wondering if you purchase a download does it count as a point in the holiday contest?
  5. Yes the download counts as a point as well:)
  6. I see what you guys are doing. You are discounting everything and giving away prizes at a certain price so that you have to buy more to get the prize. Smart.
  7. Yep, that's the general idea of a promotion.
  8. ...But wouldn't they still generate the same revenue, and we spend the same amount of money, so we're getting more on our end?
    i.e. rather than buying 8 products for $150, we have to buy 11 products.
    So they're still getting $150.
    But we're getting three more products.
    Or at least we are in this hypothetical situation.
    ...Unless that was your point.....
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Theory11 changed them. I think they made them not a one way back among other things.
  10. The Brown Wynns that were given away are not still being made. They will never be made again, however, a large number were printed for use. Wynn/Encore Casino did not give USPCC the right to print and sell them, therefore what was left was recalled and destroyed.

    Jaqk Cellers sells their original playing cards that is a one-way design, and not the modified design Theory 11 sold.
  11. Ok then, how can you tell the difference between the originals and the modified?
  12. I think the boxes are the same.
  13. Ok I've got two jaqks, sealed hope they are the theory11 ones
    I did get them from the magic apple and I think they bought them off of theory 11

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