Yet Another Playing Card Design

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Zeedub81, Nov 16, 2008.

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  2. nice. seems like a tad too much detail though
  3. I think that's pretty sick. I would use that designed for my street magic special.
  4. I like the second back design a lot, especially the center wheel. The sort of dragon eye looking things didn't seem to work though. TThey'd be better if they were placed on the card somehow so that they looked something like they would on a dragon's face but the way they are now looks like disfigured dragon's face or just randomly pasted dragon eyeballs. Aside from that, I think the design is awesome.

    The ace is good too but I think it should be reworked. The spiraled sides on the ace doesn't do it for me and it wouldn't really fit with the back designs.
  5. very well done on the artwork. as 'wavehead' said, the detail is a lot, but i think its really cool.
  6. Good on you for hand drawing them!

    They're not too bad.
  7. pretty awesome
  8. not bad, like the comments above, the back design makes me feel a bit dizzy though, but i love the idea.

    check out mine if you get the time.
  9. Looks a bit too busy for my taste.

    Looks nice though, but you might want to tone it down the art work on the back design.

    Just my opinion.
  10. Sweet. I think they would look awesome if there were various shades of dark tones within the detail. It would make it easier to look at and more interesting...
  11. I think the ace of spades pip might be a little much, but I like the back with the circle back. Nice job man. The little circle thing looks like one of the Nike Shox logos. Ha.
  12. I like the tribal AoS, but I think the back designs are a bit crowded. Get something just as tribal on the back (tan/brown cards would be SEXY), and I would love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!,

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