You are not an artist!

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    Offensive, aggressive, angry, and quite possibly ego-centric. I'm sure if I tried harder I could fill a few more lines with other epithets.

    However crass your post I think you may have a knernal of legitement information here.

    To be an artist you must first have a voice, then a medium, and finally origionallity. You seem to speak out about the legions of Criss Angel or David Blaine wanna-be's out there. I think it is important to note that every one has to start somewhere. It is easier to imitate in the beginning than it is to flat our create. As playing an instrament you learn to play other peoples works before you learn to create your own. It just depends how far down the path you really want to take it.

    This truely is what seperates the professionals from the amatures. The amatures will eventually realize that it takes a hell of a lot of work, blood, and sweat to make something of themself. They may decide it isn't worth it. The professional is the same exact thing, except for one little diffrence. The professional takes that one step more when all others say not to. The professional doesn't quit.

    I agree with your point that there isn't anything wrong with magic as a hobby. It's a valuable tool that I don't regret having. It has opened many a door for me and I would recomend that everyone know at least one card trick.
    You did bring up a few good points. I'll give you merit for that. I just can't say I approve of your tact, or lack there of.

    William Draven.

  2. Indeed. Unfortunately, too, the guy with the overloaded pockets-of-packet-tricks will likely be booked solid because most hiring audiences simply know no difference.

    I am thinking of a local guy who so many people at my own gigs ask me about...the guy works and works a lot, which means a lot of locals have seen him somewhere. After seeing him work, it became obvious he took the "quickest way to knowing lots of tricks" route. He's good at what he does, but I doubt even he'd argue for himself as an artist.

    Hell, I won't even argue that for myself.

  3. Great to see you back Steerpike.
  4. You could... you could. But that brings up the question of whether or not you should.

    I never denied that. But it still entitles no one to call themselves an artist.

    I would suggest the problem with entitlement to a name, what some have argued for, is that it has no value. No worth. No meaning. And humans don't value that which they have not worked to earn.

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