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Dec 17, 2007
I've been reading some threads that inspired me to ask everyone, what do you want to do in life? Magic related non-magic related what are your dreams in life?

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Jul 29, 2008
I know obviously it's alot harder done then said but honestly I want to be a professional magician. And if that doesn't work, I want to be a chef and own my own restaurant one day.
Sep 15, 2007
I want to be a professional walk around magician. If not that, I would like to work at a production studio, and one day have the Z-MAGIC PRODUCTIONS STUDIO INC. Either way as a pro magician I would still want to have that.... or Maybe I can do all these things... hmmm
Sep 3, 2007
I would like to continue to do magic throughout my life, but probably not as a living.

I have two things I would like to possibly do: Get a Law Degree and practice in the Marines. I mean practice law, as in be a lawyer, not practice my job. Or, I think it would be cool to get a Degree in Engineering, then a Degree in Law and make some big money. I don't know, we'll see where life takes me. I definitely want to be a lawyer, though.
Feb 15, 2008
Perfect my tricks, and become the first modern magician here (Hong Kong, where people think magicians are clowns who perform at kids parties with stripper decks and Made in China TTs)

Well, actually there are talented 'modern' street magicians here, but it's just that they aren't that popular.

To go to Universal Studios with my girlfriend.

You have a girlfriend?

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Oct 24, 2008
Savannah, GA
My ambitions are to travel to the top of the deck no matter how many time I'm pushed into the centre.

Oh, you.

My turn! I want to do multimedia art - works that combine all kinds of different mediums, be it music, literature, painting, architecture, film, magic, what have you. Ideally, I'd love to work on little art projects and write some books and make lots of money from both, but I do not see that honestly happening, so I'll settle for enough free time to pursue said interests.
Nov 10, 2007
I would love to be a professional magician in which a do lectures around the world for other magicians, close up shows around the world and restaurant magic I know its a big task but I know I can do it.
I want to go to college for film editing/taping.


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Jun 18, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
i would love to be able to perform magic for a living!!! small events, walk around, more intimate setting, not so much stage magic... i like to feel the connection whom ever i'm performing for.
Sep 1, 2007
Belgrade, Serbia
So basicly, everyone wants to have some type of connection with movies and film making... lovely :)

I intend to go on a cruise ship, as a sport stuff, since im a basketball coach... Make alot of money, open my own gym, and basicly live off of that...
If i dont open my own gym, then with that money from the ship, i will buy my own apartment, find a average paying job, and then find a rich woman, who i will marry :) jk...

I really dont know yet... I will decide when i get back from cruising...

Peace :)

Edit: Oh, i forgot, a have a diploma for a casino dealer (croupier), so maybe i will find a job in some casino... That is my biggest dream and wish....

I didnt mention magic once, did i? Well.... i will stay into magic, as long as i live, but i dont see it as a main money making for me...
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