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  1. What was the flourish that was hardest or took the most time to get down fluidly and smoothly?
    Mine's is actually my thumb fan which actually took quite awhile to get down smoothly and nicely but I just got the trilogy by DnD so I'm working on it.
    Kinda seems like I'm getting there slowly but that might just be the Sunny D talking...
    Anyways post your flourishes below!
  2. Um... J5 is like the LONGEST flourish I know, and it did take a while to get down. But the one that I've been working on for years is, for some reason, Brian Tudor's WTHHTS? flourish. The revolution with a card packet on the thumb is, for some reason, giving me trouble to get down smoothly.
  3. mine would be..................................are you ready? is going to be a suprise.............................................................................guess......................................ummmmmm

    Tectonic Verb by dan and dave it is so damn hard to get smooth, it just doesn't look cool when i do it, after that i would say pandora.
  4. Well I'm working on an "original" (I think) move that's taken me all summer and I still can't do it consistantly, it takes a sh!t load of concentration and coordination hopefully I'll be able to do it within the next few months or so with extra practice (and just know that it's infinitely more creative and original than any boring redundant 2 handed cut)

    p.s. shut up jamal :D
  5. You mean the one handed P*****d cut.:D

    Well the thumb fan and one hand shuffle took me a while to get down. I'm still working on Lcuts and I don't know when I'll get that down.
  6. One that took me longest was Mantis, since it was my first flourish and I had absolutely no experience.
  7. Jamal, first rule about the pressure fan cut, Don't talk about the pressure fan cut! (you misspelled it btw....)
  8. Well I wasn't trying to give people hints but if you want then....:eek:
  9. Mine would be My own, iNFINATE|revolution cut.

  10. I'd have to say one of my flourishes called FLEA CIRCUS. Pretty hard to perform the entire flourish without messing up. Cheers!
  11. The "Longest" ?
    Tudor tower of course :D
  12. Why didn't you just call it, infinite revolution cut?
  13. This new one I came up with called branch. I have been in flourishing for a few months now... So...

    It only uses 6 packets but has a display and a fan toss in it, so...
  14. i love how everyone says there own, love the plugs..

    anyway time wise, Jackson 5 takes the longest to do..

    learn wise would be sybil as i had just started with no exp... nowadays it really doesnt take long to pick up a new move... :)
  15. Flower Fan/Giant Flower Fan, Pirouette Armspread/Double Pirouette Armspread, One Handed Spring/Double One Handed Spring, King Cobra/Crossed King cobras with Switching Packets, Fan spinning sequences, Shapeshifting, Paddidling, Etc...Etc...Etc..... :confused:
  16. So basically... anything from HL..?:p:D lol

    L-cuts funnily enough took the longest to get down... but thats because I wouldn't give up till they were like Phil's...

    Inventing stuff takes longer than learning stuff tho. If it doesn't, you ain't doing it right...
  17. probley the scorp flourish.. only took about 5sec to learn
  18. De'vos cradle to grave is insanity on crack....
  19. Longest flourish i know is jackson 5

    Longest flourish i know that i haven't learned is Andrei's infinity sequence

    The longest flourish to learn was probably the pressure fan or tectonic verb

    The longest flourish to learn that i haven't learned is either cross king cobras packet switch or the curly q fan
  20. One Hand Revolution...yes I know its easy. I kept learning it wrong, twice actually. Huron finally taught me the proper way, but it took me a long ass time to learn it properly. Cobras were easier to learn than unlearning my mistakes and habits of ohr. This was some 4-5 years ago though haha.

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