Your magic plans for the summer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fridoliina, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. So i guess for most people schools out for a few weeks/months and the summer is here which means more free time to spend on your magic.

    Do you have any plans for your magic for the summer? Books to study, moves to practice? Places to performe?

    Whats your plan and goals in magic for the summer?
  2. I might pick up Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher.I'm also practicing Jackson 5 although people already said its perfect so that I could perform and win a local flourishing compettition.
  3. I need to make new promo video this summer 'cause my last video was made 2 years ago. Another gol for this summer is to show people on the street my new tricks to know some reactions :D. I think that's all what I want to do this summer :D
  4. This summer, I'm going close-up Mental!
    Some cold reading, some hypnosis, some pocket mentalism (as soon as my Showdown arrive !), and a good read of Paul Brook's gems :D, as well as a study of F.A.C.S by Paul Ekman (not sure it will help me doing mentalism though :p)

    And a more in-depth training in misdirection by practicing the routine of James Brown excellent Professional Opportunist set.

    Oh I forgot, maybe some cups & balls if I still have money to buy the props :rolleyes:

    And I need to find a job in a restaurant too :cool:
  5. Planning to get on to a load of different restaurants, hotels and other venues as soon as the holidays are in, so that I can arrange to meet up at times that are convenient to future employers ;)
    Look out world. I'm coming...
  6. making promotion material/workin on my website so i can get a temp gig at some resturaunt this summer, then when i go back to buffalo, i can get a longer year job hopefully.
    i have my brochure done which im proud of, now im workin on my website.
  7. Im going to try and network this summer. I already know a professional magician through the bar I work at but I want to get to know more and make friends.

    Marlo said once that if you want to be a great card man you need to be around great card men or women lol. It makes sense. Plus practice of course.
  8. I decided that i had to much material that im working on at the same time so i decided to put most of it away and just pick 5 books to study this summer so by the end of it i will have a proffesional close up act.

    The books were

    Tamaris 5 points in magic
    Ortis Designing miracles
    The Card magic of Nick Trost
    Jay Sankey Sankey Unleashed
    Royal road to card magic

    I also did pick 5 sleights to practice

    The pass
    Pinky counting
    Double lifts
    False shuffeling
    Some overhand shuffle work Controling/false shuffles etc

    I hope this will be a more effective way to practice.

    What are you going to work on?
  9. I'm gonna practice, practice, practice, learn new moves and tricks, and of course, perform to my friends and stragers on the streets.
  10. the skill levels of the material you listed are extremely broad. royal road is THE beginner card book. you have the pass pinky count and double lift all in one list to! doesnt make much sense to me.

    anyway i'm working my way through the entire ackerman advanced card control series this summer! woo! might not make it through all of it. but i'm gonna try. maybe a restaurant gig at some point as well. thats about it though.
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    I ordered 250 business cards from Vista Print, they were free, so I probably won't actually use them, but they're good to have around in case somebody asks me. I'm definitely going to practice more, I have to make up a new schedule, last years wasn't all that great. I'm also going to be performing street magic as I did last Summer. I might even get some stuff filmed this weekend at a local music festival (No big name artists.)

    If anyone is planning on making a schedule, we should post them here, I'm going to get to work on mine. This year, I'm going to leave more free time. I'm going to go work on my schedule now.


    I just finished my schedule:

    1:00pm - 1:30pm: "BeLIEve" by Joel Paschall

    1:30pm - 1:45pm: "Crazy Man’s Handcuffs" by Michael Ammar

    2:30pm - 2:45pm: “The Pop Out Move” by Piet Forton

    2:45pm – 3:00pm: “Crunk” by Daniel Madison

    3:30pm – 4:00pm: “ThreeFry” by Chris Kenner

    5:30pm – 6:00pm: “Torn” by Daniel Madison

    6:00pm - 6:15pm: “BeLIEve” by Joel Paschall

    9:00pm – 10:00pm: Freestyle Magic

    May I ask a favor of my fellow magicians? Don't go out of your way to do this, but if you see me online during one of my designated practice times, leave me a Visitor Message telling me to go practice! Thank you guys.
  12. Thinking about finding some gigs for the first time. First I'm developing some routines for possible locations (local restaurant, amusement park, etc...) then I'll make phone calls, drop by places, spread the word, etc....
  13. My magic plan would be to stay as far from magic as i can ... lol
    Been too much into magic for the last couples of months ....
  14. And thats bad why?

    Promotion is the keyword for me also i got my busking license so i'm probably going to go and use that as much as i can. Also i'm going to try out a new branch of mentalism and see if that will finally sell at some restaurants.

  15. So i felt like starting posting..My plans for the summer:

    work on GOAT change, pinky count, swiss made and fourplay(by Chad Nelson)

    and generally practising system flourishes
  16. Web those five sleight that were mentioned may seem very broad but they are essential to performing card magic well. Good shuffle work a great pass and a great DL is all you really need.

    Mikk what is this new branch of mentalism are you looking into. I have been changing everything about my character. Also I have added metal bending back into my sets. I have some new bends I have never seen previously.
  17. Summer plans...practice, practice, practice, and more practice. Work, and practice. haha that sums up my summer. Oh and trying to get scholarships for the Art Institute.
  19. That's true, fridoliina, but it'll be years before you have those :)

    My own plans are just to practice what I have and perform as much as possible. Which are also my plans for the fall, winter and spring :)
  20. Practice

    I recently bought about 25 of my favorite effects off of Theory11 in the form of 1-on-1 videos. I'm going to spend the summer studying hard so I'm WAY ahead of my class by the time it starts, and practice the 1-on-1's, including the bottom deal, center deal, greek deal, and zarrow shuffle (Jason England, you rule).

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