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  1. When i was at the page in my adventure to download control, i saw that there was a little box right nere the download button. inside of this box it said something along the lines of "You must extract(unzip) files before playing". WHen my download was done. It popped up as a zip file on my desktop. When i click on it, it says unarchiving and then comes up with an error box. Someone please help. Ive already sent a ticket but any other info would be great. Thanks

    P.s. after it was downloaded as a zip file, in the window that shows all of my downloads, it said underneath the title of the download that "decompression failed". Idk what this means. sorry
  2. Sounds to me as if the download wasnt 100% completed mate.. :(
  3. You could try using Winrar.
    install and then right-click on .zip and choose winrar - extract here.
    If this doesnt help, then there was a downloading error or something.
  4. Did you right click on the zipped folder on your desktop then go to extract all?
  5. Exact same problem dude. Did your download finish really quickly? because if it did, it wouldn't have worked.
    oh well just have to wait till customer support comes.
  6. I am having the same exact problem, also. What OS are you running? I'm running a Macintosh, maybe that changes things.

  7. That same thing happened to me! My download finished really really quickly...

    I wonder what happened...
  8. My download finished really fast also
    man I'm worried that I won't be able to get it if I use up all of my tries (I only have one left)
  9. The download finishing really quickly simply means that something went wrong in the download, possibly a cut-off connection, or a network error on either side of the connection. This results in a corrupt file, which naturally is rendered unreadable and incomplete.
  10. Do you think that if I try downloading it now, the file will come out damaged?
  11. All technical issues should be directed to If you submit a ticket it will be answered within 12 business hours or less!

  12. I have the same problem with my download. I only have one try left, and I've already submitted a ticket to support about it. If I use up my last try, will support still be able to help me?
  13. Yes-- the support team will stick with you until your download is playing perfectly, 101%.

    Regarding the extraction of ZIP files, they will not open nor extract unless they have completely download. Thus, if it's not opening, that probably means the file did not fully download.


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