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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Just so you guys know, there are some clues out there, you just have to search...
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    Did you got it?
    Do you now or have any clue what it should be?
    What did make you think about it ?


    P.S.: notice: «We have not mentioned it.»
    It should be another thing escept the Andei's dvd (i'm not sure but i think i alredy heard about that... [the DVD] )
  3. dmjepct - maybe its one of them words were you rearange it?

    dm pject? (project)
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    I think on that too !
    d+M says in collateral that this was the last book in close-up desepcions in that area of is art ...
    still search

  5. Are they having a baby? :D
  6. Maybe this is about two Artists (one Detail More for last; but not least. And we have not disclosed details Just yet.)

    This is entire Page is a clue....
  7. I'm not good at this stuff.
    Tried messing with the attatchment numbers and stuff, always comes up with the same pic.
  8. Ok guys, i have currently found 4 hidden images.
    just to let y'all know where i stand at this point.


  9. The Barcode on Andrei's artist profile means Propaganda, so it's definitely Andrei's work to be release, besides the "Last but not least"
  10. I doubt this involves Madison. He's released enough material this year as it is.
  11. Search through his artists page ;)
  12. you right... same PROPAGANDA
  13. There's something else ;)
  14. you wanna fill us in. . ? or not. its cool.

    oh the hype. another theory11 project. i think that jb needs to take a new approach when igniting an audience, cause the whole hidden meaning picture thing isn't workin for me anymore. as far as the picture, i would guess jikh as well, not DM. he prefers dM, or d+M.
  15. d+M must be connected because "what remains is propaganda" : ]

    cerca Trova ; ]
  16. Well, if i tell you all it'll kill the fun. i dont think im gonna find anything serious, but its all fun and games. and helps the time pass when there noting to do.

    Keep lookin guys, im havin a gooood time.



  17. It's always good to check your sources... Cerca Trova
  18. Can I ask where it says its a project?
  19. i just quoted u on this.

    What does the favicon mean???
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