11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

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  1. Jason England has two right hands. That's the secret to his success. We attach a thumbtip gimmick onto his Left Right Hand to make it look normal.
  2. I think we did that in 2008 - where each day was a different prize drawing from Christmas until New Year's. Really awesome! This year, our holiday contest is much simpler. We raised the stakes significantly and tried to make it so that everyone can participate, no matter what.
  3. Top prize - Pay my rent for a few weeks. That would be magical.
  4. Quick question: do the Monarchs have a custom design for the suits and face cards, like the Sentinels?
    Or just ignore this question if it can't be answered...
  5. Original Ace of Spades, Jokers, and modified colors on the court cards in the style of the rest of the deck.
  6. Wahooooo! Less than 48 hours left. Let me see let me see! Can't wait.
  7. Less than 30 minutes... I'm excited! :)
  8. Good. We are too. I have my deck of Monarchs open next to me. You are going to love them. And the other releases. And the Holiday Contest.

    Get ready.

  9. All Free Everything?
  10. What is the third release? Monarchs, High Rise, and _? Neat stuff for the holiday contest.

    Edit: Ah, nvm, the Hofzinser cards.
  11. Are there any official rules for the Holiday Contest?
  12. Awesome! The third release today is something far from new, but new to many of you reading this message. Hofzinser cards were introduced in the 1840's by Johann Hofzinser in Vienna (the "Father of Card Magic"). I don't think he was literally the father of card magic, pending results of a paternity test theory11 arranged this week. The concept of "see through cards" was not new - it was used for cartoons much earlier, but it was never applied to magic until then.

    The cards can be held and felt freely, and when held up to the light, their identity is clear. When the card is overturned, it has changed. The possibilities with this gaff as a utility gimmick are endless, and the price is a steal. The cards are handmade, and we're providing THREE cards with each purchase.
  13. Does a purchase on The Wire give you a point for the Holiday Contest?
  14. Yep! Each item you purchase gives you one point, and each point is one chance to win whatever prize you want. Your points - you choose what prize you want the most. You can get one FREE point now by clicking the green button on the side of this page. ;)

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