11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

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  1. Wow...some how this thread is similar to my 3 year old daughter and 6 year old son "circling" every possible item in the Toys R Us Christmas Catalog that just came in the mail yesterday. Ha Ha.

    The items they want are total well over $4000.00 Guess Santa better start landing some commercial gigs soon.
  2. I just realized that due to the end of Daylight Savings Time this weekend, the Monarchs would be released an hour later than I had previously thought.
    : (
  3. but at least you get some more sleep :p
  4. So the holiday contest should top last year, so

    -Hangout with T11 artists in Las Vegas + Have them help you put together 20-30 minutes of material
    -Workshop in filming magic and editing with Andrei Jikh with Camera + Editing Software included
    -Book of Chris Kenner Quotes and Stories
    -Watch production of new project
    -Guest Spot on Exposé
    -2 dvds of your choice
    -Skype sessions with Calen Morelli to help create your own freaking awesome trick
    -Brick of cards of your choice
    -10 1-on-1s
  5. -A meet up in NYC would be cool/jam session/dinner.
    -A mac laptop and final cut pro x downloaded onto it.
    -HD professional camcorder
    -white centurions
    -one signed jerry's nugget deck from any t11 artist
    -personal magic lessons from anyone in your area paid by T11(Jeff Mcbride for me)
    - All Tarbell's series
    -An access pass to everything new T11 is doing for the year. New decks,new dvds, and new advancements on the site which you receive before anyone even hears about it.
    -An access pass to help on a dvd shoot of a new trick from a new/old artist.
  6. A sneak peak (maybe a bit more than a blurred picture) of Theory11's next big project.
  7. Some awesome prize ideas! More than one of your ideas are ALREADY on our list of prizes. Keep the suggestions flowing - we're listening...
  8. -Trip to David Copperfield's island.
    -Getting a Wire effect produced by T11
  9. -Yeah, I definitely think that T11 should edit a video and put it up on the wire.
    -Brick of Monarchs
    -Digital Dissolve
    -One DVD from T11
    -Skype session with T11 artist
    -Whenever a new deck or new version of a deck (such as monarchs) comes out, the winner will get a deck BEFORE it comes out. Similar to the 111 who get to see the Monarchs first.
    -11 one-on-ones of choice
    -Foundations from Jason England
    -Perform Gator Boots for JB in NYC
  10. T11 should do a "12 Days of Christmas" campaign....only make it "11 Days of Christmas" where each day they give out a prize to 1 of the customers who purchased that day.

    The campaign promo can list the 11 things given out each day (much like the song). I think this will really amp up the excitement and daily purchases during December.
  11. I am all for good prizes, but some of the things on here are absolutely crazy. The highest priced thing that they are probably going to give out is like a EOS T2I or something like that.

    That's what they did a while ago. And yeah, Magic-Con registration would be nice.
  12. Prizes?

    -Jason England's Left Hand & Andrei Jikh's Right Hand. Not as trophies, but as surgical replacements for my own!

    -Daniel Madison's Continuous Black & White Effect

    That's all I got.
  13. I would love to see an opportunity to get a pre-release Monarchs. Maybe have 5-10 random orders receive it in their package? It'd be a nice surprise for those who were unable to get them.
  14. One of the best ideas I've seen so far.
    I was one of those who tried to order a deck and wasn't fast enough. And now, of course, I'm kicking myself for not getting a deck I will probably never even see in person.
  15. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if these cards were printed in a limited quantity. I mean is there enough of these so that they wont be gone in 1 hour after being released?
  16. For the primary edition to be released on 11/11, we have a pretty large supply in production. That is no guarantee we won't sell out - it could happen, but there will be multiple editions thereafter.

    We are extremely excited about this release, and I'm very confident that when you see them, you'll understand what the fuss is all about!
  17. Holiday Wish List for Theory11...
    By: Mike Hankins

    Dear JBanta-Claus,

    On the 1st day of Contest, JB he gave to me:

    A deck of Monarchs signed by JB.

    On the 2nd day of Contest, JB he gave to me:

    2 1on1s, and a deck of Monarchs signed by JB.

    On the 3rd day of Contest, JB he gave to me:

    3 DVDs, 2 1on1s, and a deck of Monarchs signed by JB

    On the 4th day of Contest, JB he gave to me:

    4 Smoke refills, 3 DVDs, 2 1on1s and a deck of Monarchs signed by JB

    On the 5th day of Contest, JB he gave to me:


    4 Smoke refills, 3 DVDs, 2 1on1s and a deck of Monarchs signed by JB.

    OK, I am laying in bed with the Flu so I HAD the time to do this...

    But now I am realizing that I did this, so I am gonna stop and let the NyQuil do its thang!!!!
  18. For me, I will be happy to recieve just a normal deck of cards, like stingers or black centurions with every single card signed by you guys, you are so awesome)
    Or I would like to visit a lecture of any theory11 artist in my town)
  19. It'd be great if every order with things that ship (I mean no downloads, in case my English is too horrible) contained a free deck. Obviously I'm not gonna ask for White Cents or Jerry Nuggets, but some Guardians or Centurions would definitely make my day!
    And if all of the products you buy are downloads, a free $4.95 download! I prefer that to raffles and that kinda stuff... A combination, maybe?

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