11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

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  1. Lightning fast! Under 90 seconds. To those of you with reptilian-like reflexes that snatched these up so quickly - congrats! They will be in your mailbox later this week. Keep them a secret - you can talk about them, but try not to show anyone until the public release on 11/11. They're top secret until then! The countdown has begun to 11/11 - our epic holiday event, holiday contest, and multiple releases - including the Monarch's!

  2. oooo Nicely done.
  3. On 11/11, we'll also be announcing our holiday contest for this season. We are in the process of confirming and locking down all of the prizes now, but we could be influenced! What are you guys hoping is on the list of prizes this year? Let us know what you'd like to see and we will do our best...
  4. i wanna see me win :) lol
    idk maybe an epic weekend hang out or something
    or better yet
    maybe you can have theory11 host a magic show and have the winner perform or something. get magicians out there actually performing instead of sitting in their rooms on youtube.
  5. 90 seconds... that's ridiculous. The cool part is that these first editions will never be printed the same way ever again. Once they're gone, they're gone. We'll be doing multiple editions, but they won't be the exact same.
  6. Come on fellas lets hear what you guys think are some cool realistic prizes! These were a few of my ideas.

    -- theory11 taking a lot of your footage and cutting it into a promo video
    -- New HD camcorder
    -- iPad 2
    -- $500.00 spending spree on theory11
    -- EMC registration
    --Tarbell set of books
    -- Sorcerer Safari Camp

    I had a few others as well but lets hear from you guys.
  7. Are the decks that will be sold on the 11th included in the "first edition"? Or were the 111 prerelease packs special in some way?

    As for the prizes:
    - Magic-Con Registration
    - A few sessions over Skype (or in person if the location is right) with one of you guys
    - A framed, uncut sheet
    - If you guys have any left, one of those awesome Sentinel Canvases
    - A brick of your custom cards, but let the winner mix-and-match which decks make up the 12
    - Some kind of credit for future downloads, like 2 free 1-on-1's that can be redeemed any time
  8. --A subscription to Ask Alexander
    --A subscription to The Second Deal
    --Paid for visit to Theoy11 headquarters
    --A compilation of some of the most important books in magic. As selected by a number of well respected magicians
    --A home filming kit. I.e. HD camera, lighting rig, audio equipment
    --3 chosen bricks of cards
    --1 set of Garcias nunchucks
  9. -An $800 shopping spree on theory11
    -A brick of White Centurions
    -2 of EVERY theory11 deck (In stock and or sold out)
    -A subscription to Ask Alexander
    -signed deck of Jerry's Nuggets with signatures from all the theory11 artists
  10. 1 gross of playing cards.
  11. -Daniel Garcia is my favorite magician comedian(No offence to the other theory11 artisist Daniels fallen video was one of my first videos and he was funny so he kinda grew on me) so i signed copy of the DG Project 1-3 and a pair of nunchucks signed :)
    -500 dollar spending spree would be nice
    -A Brick of Monarchs or any other deck by Theory 11
    -If theory 11 has some in there private stock a White Centurion Deck
    -One of Each theory11 deck
    _Private video Jam session with any theory 11 artist ( for me Daniel Garcia, Daniel Madison or Jason England)
    _ Daniel Madisons Dangerous both Dvds signed by him
    -Genesis v1 and v2 signed by Andrei (I really want to get into cardistry im hoping to start at a young age)
    -a weekend with the Theory11 crew and have a card throwing contest
    - start a a Deck of the month club like Dan and Dave

    Just a few of my ideas :)

    P.S. If Daniel Garcia is reading this.... I love you.... in a Manly non homo way.... which theres nothing wrong with homo love cause love has no gender

    P.S.S. if any other Theory11 artist is reading this..... ummmm Hey ;)

    Pike Place market performer.... in the rain....love seattle
  12. I don't know if it's just me but some of you guys seem to be suggesting unrealistically large prizes...
  13. Just a thought: you should include the Wire. It's been so big and such a hit, find someway to add it to all this. A prize of 3 downloads of your choice, for example. Or something along those lines.
  14. The return of black Stingers
    Second edition Propaganda and Centurians
    More effects from Chris Kenner (maybe a PDF release of Magic Man Examiner?)
    A badass camcorder
  15. Perhaps a few porno-dvds?
    Or a new Toyota!
    Or a years supply of facial-products!
    Or a ticket with a submarine to see the Titanic!
    Or a years subscription to Guns & Ammo?

    ..or EVERY SINGLE 1-on-1 EVER RELEASED!!! Yeah, you heard me. All of them.

    A brick of T11s next big custom-cards a month before everybody else!
  16. -For Christmas I want all magic piracy to end
    -To bring back magic to how it used to be; Performing to real people not just cameras.
    -Some Monarchs
    -A few Wire releases
    -A few 1-on-1s
    - One or two DVDs
  17. 1 signed photo of Chris Kenner in a Santa costume.
  18. Or better a signed autograph photo of Chris Kenner dressed up as Santa photshoped into a picture of the Jurassic period with JB on a T-rex hunting him down by throwing white centurion cards. The photo also signed by JB.
  19. The DVD for Totally Out of Control!
  20. becomes


    becomes(kinda close)
    Way to up the ante guys.....

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