11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

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  1. I've pieced it together. The new deck is a 24 karat gold foil embossed deck of these playing cards.

    Almost positive.
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    I've found 6 links so far and the box looks Gold and black. Excited for 11/11/11 for this and whatever else T11 has to offer. One more thing to look forward to other than Arthritis Onslaught 5 :D
  3. Hey so ummm... I'm a little confused. 11/11/11 should be your biggest thing ever? I mean whens the next time its gonna happen? In 100 years... Who knows if this is still going to be running then. So why just a deck of cards? I mean, I have nothing against it, but for example, your anniversary releases are amazing. The three year one was like hype to the max, and some people got annoyed by it, but it was like amazing still. But it happens every year, and it should always be amazing. But THIS, this is like a 1 in a hundred year thing. So I'm just wondering about the reasoning about how the release is just a deck... Will it be more? I mean technically, I think that 11/11/11 would have been an amazing time to release the wire. Shouldn't it be the best thing in a hundred years? And I don't see a deck doing that, no matter how good it is. And a lot of people really just don't care about decks. I mean, for performance standards, it looks cool and everything, but in the end, people are going to be much more comfortable with a regular bike deck...
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    ...I don't think they meant that on every 11/11/11, they will have the biggest release of the century, nor did they mean "greatest thing that will ever be released on Theory11."
    Mr. Bayme actually said, "signature event for the holiday season," not "signature event for the history and future of Theory11."
    He also said, "That's not all we have prepared for 11/11/11," so you can probably expect more than just a deck on that day.
    Unless you're just trolling, please read the thread carefully...
  5. Has anyone zoomed in on the dog's eye balls yet?
  6. Erm...Is this a riddle? Are we supposed to solve something?
  7. I love the look of the lion on the box. Very slick.
  8. What's with all the images of animals? I thought a Monarch was a type of butterfly.
  9. I just did a steganography search on the puppy dog... nothing to be found :/ Damnit :eek:
  10. mon·arch  [mon-erk, -ahrk] noun
    1. a hereditary sovereign, as a king, queen, or emperor.
    2. a sole and absolute ruler of a state or nation.
    3. a person or thing that holds a dominant position: a monarch of international shipping.
    4. monarch butterfly.

    Excited yet? I am.

  11. The picture of the dog was on the front page of reddit that same day he posted it.

    I thought it was funny.
  12. I kinda missed the whole hype machine stuff. :D

    Can't wait to see the new cards and what other goodies pop up.

    Also, since I wasn't around for it: Congratulations on The Wire finally going up Bayme. The wait was very much worth it.
  13. 111 will be very lucky.
  14. I don't know why these pictures reek of mysteriousness. I sure hope there is some sort of...SECRET MESSAGE *cue dramatic music*
  15. *Dramatic*
  16. Heck yes! (word count)
  17. I think JB has to physically restrain me from uploading pictures of the Monarchs to the internet right about now...

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