11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

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  2. Heh, di another countdown timer. I'm starting to get used to these. :)
  3. Crazy. I would love to grab one, but there is a pretty slim chance of being the 111. Especially if you work during the day! I'll give it a try though.
  4. Less than 24 hours remaining. Remember that this initial prerelease is limited to 111, so they will go VERY quickly. Be ready at 11:00am EDT sharp! You will NOT see a product page for these on the site - you will see only an Add to Cart button, if you're fast enough, on the special countdown page, right at 11:00am EDT. The decks will not be shown until the public release on 11/11. The lucky 111 will be the first to see them when they arrive in your mailbox before anyone else in the world. Just like the JJ Abrams Mystery Box! And I promise, promise you will not be disappointed when you open it up. ;)
  5. What price are you guys putting on the Monarchs?
    Don't tell me it's $11...
  6. While $11 a deck would be delightful irony (11... at 11am... on 11/11... at theory11) - it wouldn't in any way be fair. We'd never do that. Historically, our prices per deck have been the most fair of ANY major company in magic. Our Guardians, Stingers, and Titanium Editions are all $4.95 a deck (lower if purchased as a brick!). That's nearly half of what other magic companies have (and continue to) sell decks for, and you're getting far more for your dollar - high-end, imported French paper (Sentinels, Guardians), embossing, metallic foil, and our relentless attention to detail. No one else does that.

    Each of those things adds a step to the production process. We don't spare any expense. Suddenly the "free" shipping you see some other stores advertise doesn't look so free, does it? ;) We price our decks fairly, and we price our shipping the lowest we can to cover the actual shipping and warehouse costs.

    Back to the question at hand. Monarchs are the most high-end deck of playing cards we've ever produced. I know we always say that - but that's because we aim to raise the bar with each project we pursue. DeckONE was called "the Porsche of playing cards." Sentinels were called "the world's finest playing cards" by Luxist. And Monarch's take that to a whole 'nother level. You'll believe it when you see it - I guarantee that.

    Due to the special type of paper used within Monarch's, and the production process to make it happen, the price per deck is as low as we could make it. They will be $6.95 individually, or less than $5.95 if purchased as a brick. When you see the difference, you'll feel the difference. They're a world apart.
  7. I got mine in :)
  8. Looking forward to them. Do we qualify for any holiday promotions that will be released on 11/11/11? Or do we miss out with the preorder?
  9. Boom! Got 'em.
  10. I snagged one! :)

    ... I'm really hoping these won't have rainbows and butterflies all over them.
  11. I hope they do, think of the applications!
  12. Talk about bummed! I clicked Add to Cart. And it went through, but when I put my credit card info it, it said Error: None available! I had it, but it was taken from me! haha. I blame Lloyd and Sky_Lark!
  13. I managed to pick up 3.
    This wasn't really that hard.
  14. This is a first deck I'm buying from T11 in over 2 years. Not that T11 ever produced things that was disappointing, but being a poor (that'd be an understatement) student it's just been rough. I gotta say, I'm excited to see this.
  15. Sorry man! My mum was reading my card info to me, so that I didn't have to waste valuable seconds looking at it. lol!

    My first card purchase since '08!

  16. Understandable. However, you need to understand how I'm not buying Restored now because of this. No hard feelings right? haha Congrats on getting the cards. Can't wait to hear how they are!
  17. When you guys see these cards, you will be VERY excited. This is not hype.

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