4 On The Floor by JM

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by logic543, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. I had seen it this morning on wtfnolimits.com. i thought it looked pretty sweet. I was wondering other peoples thoughts about it.
  2. I think it looks pretty nice, I see there is an angle problem, but turning to the side is 100% justified. I see no problems with it!
  3. JM called me on the phone and talked to me yesterday about this. He said he's been sitting on this for about four years. Looks pretty awesome.

  4. so i decided to check this out and download it to calm my curiosity. Its a pretty cool way of switching out cards for others. it was inspired by chris kenners 4 for 4 switch. pretty cool looking thing, and very smooth looking as well. The add said it was 30 min long. but its only 19.50 min. the routine he teaches at the end looks super cool as well.
  5. I like this one.

    But I jizzed when I saw glitch last year.
  6. I did this to my magician friend after a few days of messing with it and boy did he freak out. He didnt see it coming.
  7. it looks good but not really groundbreaking. the idea is good and i can see lots of applications, but from watching the preview vid i could see how its done even with them editing out the addition phase. at least its a $10 DL and not more

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