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    Hi everyone!
    I'm 14 years old and my mom has given my 30 € to spend on magic... (Im happy!) What tricks would yo buy with 40 $?
    I prefer Theory11 but if not I'll google the tricks yo recommend me... can be any kind of magic, but better if card or street magic!
    Note: Im not a beginer, Im not just going to start now in the art of magic, so dont recommend me too easy books, DVDs or tricks! =)

    Thank you!

  2. Buy Aaron Fisher's book, The Paper Engine. Get it at http://www.store.dananddave.com. If that $40 doesn't include shipping, then grab the bible edition of Erdnase.. I prefer to have things in hard copies.
  3. ive found the paper engine cheaper at http://www.waynehouchin.com but I dont know if Im gonna buy it... Im not sure if Im going to understand everything, my english level is not very high... =D

    What do you think about the bible edition of erdnase and The expert at the card table??

    Thankyou saborfang!
  4. I don't read that many things in Erdnase, simply because I don't care for nor use most of the things he has in his book. However, for people interested in most/all of the book, I'd say the bible edition is worth it. For 15 dollars, you can buy his book in a classy edition which fits in your pocket.

    As for the paper engine being cheaper at Waynehouchin.com... Well, he is selling the paperback version. I think D&D sell the hardcover version, but I remember it being $25 at D&D's site too..
  5. Yeah I know that th W:H.com book is papercover but shipping costs 10 $ less... In addition D&D is also softcovered
  6. How long have you been in magic and what type of magic do you do?
    This will make suggestions more easier.

  7. If you think the English in The Paper Engine is going to be too difficult for you, then the 1902 era English in Expert at the Card Table isn't going to be any better.
  8. Given that I know nothing else of your performance style, preferences, or character all I can say is beggars can't be choosers.
  9. Christopher is right. If your english isn't that good then you are going to have a hard time understanding Erdnase. You should think about getting the Paper Engine. I heard good things about that book and I'm saving money to buy it along with some tally ho's. Since your English isn't that good you may want to look into some dvds. Daniel Madison Dangerous dvd has pratical effects that you can use.
  10. Well if you are into card magic like me you should buy the basics I mean a double back deck, double face deck, white face deck, invisible deck, etc.. with this you can create a lot of tricks using just your imagination or watching performances of another magicians and learn from them! and the same thing with coin magic buy a shell, etc.. you don't need books or dvds just use your imagination! but if you think you're not good trying to make new tricks you can get david stone dvds they help me a lot maybe they can help you too.
  11. I'd say if english isn't your first language than a book in english probably shouldn't be your first choice. I'd second what Nino said about Daniel Madison's Dangerous. You would get some really strong magic that ranges in technical difficulty so anyone can use something from there and work up to the harder stuff. Angle Zero for example isn't difficult to perform at all but it can absolutely destroy. That said, there are other tricks that will require a great deal of work on your technique. If you are looking to step your game up in the sleight department then you may find something you'd like there.

    Something else I would recommend is learning 2cm (two card monte). It's fun, interactive and hits very hard. You can learn a nice version of it as well as some other strong (classic) effects from Oz Pearlman's Born to Perform Card Magic. It also includes tutorials on some beginner to advanced flourishes and cuts.

    Those are my recommendations as far as videos I've seen goes. I think you'd most certainly find something to use from either of them.
  12. You can also consider the Tricks DVD from D&D's Trilogy. These are effects that can be learnt real quickly and can stun people if performed well. However the tricks here are more inclined to only a small droup of spectators, so naturally it's something you'd want to use on the streets. I love d+M's Mystique because the effects hit people HARD and they can be done with larger audiences such as at a party. I personally perform bits from both DVDs depending on the situations.
  13. I do magic since I was a child, but I started into more serious magic 2 yeasrs ago! I like street and close-up magic!
  14. Okay then now we have a idea what you perform now....now I second Haunter about learning 2CM it works great on the streets. Another trick that works well is Blueprint by Chris Kenner. You can buy here under the tricks section. Really great trick and gets wonderful reactions. I really reccommend you getting a dvd instead of a book since you are going to have a hard time learning from it...Daniel Madison Dangerous dvd is great....I don't really reccommend the tricks dvd by D&D cause many of their effects are only to show to your magicans friend....some effects to look into is Subway and card to mouth.

    Hope this helps

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