5 Sleights for the Rest of Your Life

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    That's what's great--it's not a sleight. Just like the criss-cross or classic force.

    If you think about all the the things you can accomplish with cards without sleights it makes you realize that 5 card sleights is really not all that limiting.
  2. Double Lift(no need to mention the reason,it's self-explanatory)
    Mercury Fold(For Card To anything)
    G.O.T.E Change(BEcause it's very visual)
    Tenkay Palm(you can change a card,steal one,hide one etc)
    Top Change(cause now and then you need a switch)

  3. 1. GWR
    2. gamblers cop/ bottom palm.
    3. cull
    4. 444
    5. dribble pass
  4. I notice quite a few people put the classic force on their list of sleights, however, the classic force is not sleight. It's all psychology and timing. The force is based on acting and timing, not sleight of hand.
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    2-double lift
    3- dmb spread control
    4- cull

    and there is alot of sleights but those are my best sleights i use in every trick
  6. I have to disagree with you on the cardini and the clipshift.
    I don't think either of them have as much use as moves like the top change
  7. Spread Pass
    Top Palm
    Double Lift
  8. false cut
    double lift
    the pass
    card force
    top change
  9. Double Lift
    Gamblers Cop
  10. Rear palm (Been working on it lately and it's crazy that people haven't been using this much. Impossible color changes, amazing controls, palming, palming out of the center of the deck.)
    Double lift (duh)
    Cull (Tons of uses for this, forces, controls, holdouts, stacking, ect.)
    Top Change (soooo many unbelievable uses for it)
    Spread pass (because it's practical)
  11. I can't believe how many people said the clipshift.
    Im not dogging the move, i just don't think it's all people make it out to be.
  12. Double lift
    Erdnase change
    riffle force
    cull down
    gambler's cop
  13. my opener to any trick is the clip shift i just shake the deck the card changed
  14. double lift
    top change
    riffle shuffle control
    clipshift (sorry)
    sac move

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