5 Sleights for the Rest of Your Life

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  1. Pfew (Wordcount)
  2. -Palm
    -Double Lift
    -Bluff Pass
    -Classic Force
  3. Gamblers Cop
    Hermann Pass
    Any force
    Double lift
    Any control I feel like doing

    I use these everyday
  4. 1.Doublelift
    2.Classic Pass

    These two moves are barely what you need to make a good solid ACR routine. Anyways moving on.

    3.Pinky Count

    A move that I'm currently practicing on, and I find it very very versatile.

    4.Top Change
    5.Gambler's Cop
  5. What is reality?

    Everything is reality but also illusion.
    Life is a endless game!
  6. Overhand Shuffle Control (whether Chop or Jog)
    Multiple Lift (Double/Triple/Quads)
    Side Steal
    Multiple Shift
    Classic Palm
  7. I guess i'd need...
    1) Double lift.
    2) Erdnase Palm.
    3) Tilt.
    4) Hofsinzer card force.
    5) Elmsey count.

    That should be enough.
  8. Well, to be honest id need more than five but i guess thats the challenge :)

    1 Double Lift
    2 Palm
    3 Pass (Ortiz Shift/Herman)
    4 Classic Force
    5 False Shuffle (Push through riffle/Zarrow)
  9. My five would be

    1. Classic Pass that would take care of controls, DL, color changes, seconds, false cuts, force and other sleights needed im sure.

    2. Palm

    3. False Shuffle

    4. and 5. Card Reverse and Optical Revolve. I love my triumph. lol
  10. Im changing my list. I dont use a false shuffle except for like 2 tricks so Im replacing that with a DL. I can't go without a Red Hot mama.
  12. It's a hard question, but I'll give my try to anwser it anyway.

    -False shuffles
    -False dealing

    Those are the five sleights i use most.
  13. Elmsley count
    Double lift
    My method of culling
    turnover pass
    and the stealth change
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    I think the cull should be on everyone's list.

    You can use it as a control, an out, a force, to invisibly set up the deck for effects, or to even use your own shuffled deck in use as a card index. It's easily one of the most versatile moves in card magic.
  15. Double Lift
    Startling Palm
    Riffle Pass
    Ambitious Riser
  16. That's a tough one!

    -Double Lift
    -Classic Pass
    -Spread Cull
    -Classic Palm
    -Top Change

    With those 5 you can perform an incredible array of incredible effects
  17. DL (My version of the instantaneous (spelling?))
    Palm (Classic)
    Control (Orbit/Faro, can't decide. I'd take classic pass instead if I could do it well enough.)
    Force (Classic if I could do it, so far the hindu shuffle/Hofzinser spread cull depending on the situation.)
    Gravity half pass

    I'd add culling if I could do it, but so far I've not been able to try learning it for more than 10 minutes before entering a "MY BRAIN HURTS"-ish state a'la Monty Python.
  18. DL
    Gravity Half Pass
  19. Double Lift
    Force (classic)
    Color Change (Shape Shifter)
  20. I do know that I already have written a post in this thread, but. Here's the new "Top 5 sleights" list:
    -Double lift
    -Classic Pass
    -Hofsinzer's Cull
    -I do not know if it's allowed to add, but I like the Key card principal very much
    -Top change

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