5 Sleights for the Rest of Your Life

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  1. If you could only do five card magic sleights for the rest of your magic career, what would they be?
  2. double lift
    classic color change
    if force counts (classic)
  3. Five Magic Sleights Are:

    -Double Lift
    -False Overhand Shuffle
    -DMB Control Spread
    -Pinky Count
  4. Almost the same as the above poster, except instead of DMB spread control I'll just say "cull," and instead of pinky count, I'd say "palm."
  5. Double Lift
    Classic Force (Only if it works 100%, otherwise, riffle force)
    Roadrunner Cull
  6. Double lift
    Erdnase top palm
    Biddle steal
    Pinky break (if you would call it a "sleight")
    Any card control based on cutting the deck in a flourishy way
  7. I honestly would need more than 5...
  8. That's the point of the activity ;D.

    Top palm (Modified Erdnase)
    Double Lift (Doc. Daley's)
    Pass (Classic)
    Classic Force
    ehhh, some color change. Probable erdnase/houdini/classic
  9. -Overhand shuffle control
    -Doubble lift
    -Riffle force
    -One handed top palm
  10. Double Lift
    Gamblers Cop
    Top Change
  11. Why would anyone NEED more than five? Yes I use more than five but I could easily live on five. Actually I mainly use five anyway maybe six;
    Double lift
    Classic Pass
    Top Change
    that would be the top five, other ones that I use are
    Classic force
    Gray shuffle
    Top palm
    that's pretty much all I use when I am working I may use variations on them but for the whole that is more than you need. Truth be told I could live on the cull top change and peek.
  12. Double undercut
    Jog shuffle
    Double lift
    Riffle force

    That would do me fine, pretty much all i use anyway. I was going to say pinky break, but I wouldn't really consider that a sleight, it's more a 'get ready' for something else. Although I will say that the pinky break is THE MOST under appreciated 'thing' in card magic! Most of us would honestly be screwed without it!!

  13. Here's my five:

    Pinky Count
    Double Lift
    Simple Switch *PH*
    Any control.
  14. 1. Classic Pass
    2. Pinky count
    3. Top Change
    4. Multiple turnover

    That's really all you need

    5. Side Steal

    And, crimping.
  15. 1.Classic Pass
    2.Double lift
    4.Classic Force
    5.Cardini Change

    Thats pretty much it.
  16. This is so true! And i think most magicians would be better of just learning a few sleights REALLY WELL!

    I just did some "spring cleaning" in my sleight tool box and threw out anything that i dont use on a daily basis and just focused on getting them as good as possible and my magic has improved a lot.

    I feel that most magicians seem to think that you need to know everything to be a good magician but thats not true. Only if you performe for other magicians as your audience.
  17. S.W.E. SHIFT
    Raise rise ( I know it`s not a sleight but I would love to know the main part)
    Gambler`s cop
    A False Shuffle
    and a double lift...anyone is fine

    then with those sleights I would conquer the WORLD!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA
  18. It a difficult question, I suppose my most useful Top 5 would be the following:

    Double lift
    Top Change
    Palm (Can't decide which) :)
    Classic pass
  19. if i was a move monkey my five would be:

    raise rise
    center deal
    riffle stacking
    perfect shuffles
  20. In no particular order:

    -Top Change
    -Double Undercut


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